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The Antiquities Act
PROJECT Uploaded by: system user

This project includes documents related to the history and historical background of the Antiquities Act and its implementation during the century since its enactment. The Antiquities Act was signed into law in 1906 by President Theodore Roosevelt. The history of American conservation often is told in terms of legal milestones, and rightly so. An environmental activist working to expand a local park, a historic preservationist trying to save a cherished old building, a volunteer working on a...

Bear Creek Site, MI (20SA1043) Project
PROJECT Uploaded by: Beverley Smith

The Bear Creek Site (20SA1043) is a small site on a tributary of the Shiawassee River in the Saginaw Valley drainage basin in Michigan. Site elevation is 180.6 AMSL. Archaeological work at the site was determined by the boundaries of a pipeline expansion in the Phase III of this CRM project in 1991, when 73 m2 were excavated in 1 m2 units. Five radiocarbon dates are reported from the site. The stratified deposits (Strata 2-5) represent encampments of short duration beginning ca. 4000 years...

Cosmology in the New World
PROJECT Santa Fe Institute.

This project consists of articles written by members of Santa Fe Institute’s cosmology research group. Overall, the goal of this group is to understand the larger relationships between cosmology and society through a theoretically open-ended, comparative examination of the ancient American Southwest, Southeast, and Mesoamerica.

Federal Archeology Program Description and Analysis
PROJECT Uploaded by: Francis McManamon

This project includes a variety of products related to the archeological activities carried out by or required by Federal agencies. The agencies include land managing agencies, such as the Bureau of Land Management or the National Park Service. Other agencies carry out or fund development activities, such as the Federal Highway Administration or the Bureau of Reclamation. Some agencies focus on regulatory activities, such as licenses issued by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. All of...

The Fort St. Joseph Archaeological Project
PROJECT Michael Nassaney.

The Fort St. Joseph Archaeological Project is a collaboration between Western Michigan University and the City of Niles, MI to investigate, interpret, and preserve the physical remains of the site of Fort St. Joseph, a mission, garrison, and trading post complex occupied from 1691 to 1781 by the French then British. Since its inception, the Project has cultivated a robust program of public archaeology to involve and invest the community in the preservation of the site and more generally, the...

A Historical look at American Archeology
PROJECT Uploaded by: Aaron Deguzman

This project was set up by ASU undergraduate Aaron Deguzman for a individual study project that he did with FPMcManamon in the Spring semester of 2011. Included are digital copies of some of the historic publications he read and some of his written summaries and assessments of these readings. The following two paragraphs are Aaron's statement of what he hoped to get out of the readings course. What I'd like to study is the history of archeology with an emphasis on the public outlook on...

Jobs in American Archaeology
PROJECT Doug Rocks-Macqueen.

Jobs in American Archaeology is a project that looks at some of the job conditions of archaeologists in the United States. The project looks at data from 1999 to present.

Marquette Viaduct Replacement (20BY28/387) Project
PROJECT Uploaded by: Beverley Smith

The Marquette Viaduct Replacement Project (20BY28/387) represents a continuation of decades of archaeological work in an industrial area near downtown Bay City, MI along the west bank of the Saginaw River approximately 2 km. from the mouth of the river where it empties into Saginaw Bay of Lake Huron. Occupation of the area begins in the Late Archaic and all subsequent prehistoric cultural periods are represented as well as the historic Fletcher Site, a large 18th century Native American...

Port Huron Archaeological Project
PROJECT Richard Stamps.

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Secretary of the Interior's Reports to Congress on the Federal Archeological Program
PROJECT Archeology Program, National Park Service.

This project contains copies of each The Secretary of the Interior reports to Congress about the archaeological activities and programs carried out or contracted for by federal agencies.The reports covers activities to recover, protect, and preserve archaeological sites, collections, and data. The Secretary's Report to Congress on the Federal Archeology Program provides yearly overviews of the range of activities undertaken by agencies as part of the programmatic Federal stewardship of...

“…A Thousand Beads to Each Nation:” Exchange, Interactions, and Technological Practices in the Upper Great Lakes c. 1630-1730
PROJECT Uploaded by: Heather Walder

This project contains all data for Heather Walder's dissertation, completed in spring of 2015. Abstract: This dissertation addresses the timing of the introduction, exchange, and social implications of two complementary lines of evidence, reworked copper and brass objects and glass trade beads, from 38 archaeological sites of the Upper Great Lakes region dated to c. 1630 to 1730. In this situation of intercultural contact and colonialism, local Midwestern Native peoples encountered...

Weber I Site, MI (20SA581) Project
PROJECT Uploaded by: Beverley Smith

The Weber I site is a stratified Archaic period site located on the Cass River where it flows through the outskirts of Frankenmuth, Michigan in the Saginaw Valley region. The lower strata (Occupation Zone II) is the only sealed cultural occupation dated to the Middle Archaic period in the Upper Great Lakes in which organic remains are preserved. Seven features, lithic artifacts, and both faunal and floral materials indicate a late summer through fall season of multiple occupations. A total of...