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North Atlantic Biocultural Organization (NABO)
PROJECT CUNY Northern Science and Education Center. Thomas McGovern.

This project file contains NABO publications. NABO was founded over 20 years ago to attempt to cross-cut national and disciplinary boundaries and to help North Atlantic scholars make the most of the immense research potential of our damp and lovely research area. NABO has worked to aid in improving basic data comparability, in assisting practical fieldwork and interdisciplinary ventures, in promoting student training, and in better communicating our findings to other scholars, funding...

Unlocking the data behind the Chora of Metaponto publication series: "on-the-fly" solutions for sharing and archiving an evolving collection
PROJECT Uploaded by: Jessica Trelogan

As archaeological research moves from the traditional model of print publication (as the definitive word), to a larger continuum of interpretation and reinterpretation, access to the supporting data is crucial. To do so, however, adds extra burden on academic units with large legacy collections, publication backlogs, and dwindling budgets. Digital repositories provide a home for static collections, but are not ideal for dynamic collections generated and evolving throughout the research...