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Asaayi Dam Navajo Burial Protection: Cultural Resources Protection of an Historic Navajo Burial at Asaayi Dam, Bowl Lake, New Mexico: Photos (2006)
IMAGE Thomas E. Jones. Jon Czaplicki.

The Bureau of Reclamation (Reclamation) Phoenix Area Office is assisting the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA), Navajo Division, in safety of dam modifications to Asaayi Dam in McKinley County, New Mexico. Located on Bowl Creek along the western edge of the Chuska Mountains, Asaayi Dam was completed in 1964 by the Navajo Nation to provide opportunities for recreation and irrigation. The dam is approximately 25 miles northeast of Window Rock, Arizona, and is scheduled to undergo major construction...

Heshotauthla Plan (1991)
IMAGE Keith Kintigh.

Plans of Heshotauthla. Hemenway Expedition Map, Fewkes Published Map, 1991 map based on Fewkes published map showing Arizona State University 1990-1991 excavation units in approximate locations, Heshotauthla location map. Additional, better maps will be added.