Soral Creek Reservoir (Geographic Keyword)

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Missouri Basin Project, River Basin Surveys, Smithsonian Institution, Summary of Progress from the Beginning, In 1946 Through April 1952 (1952)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Missouri Basin Project, Smithsonian Institution.

This document summarizes the history and development of the Missouri Basin Project and Inter-Agency Archeological and Paleontological Salvage Program; created to meet the problem posed by the threat to scientific and historical data by the dam construction program in the Missouri Basin and elsewhere. The Missouri Basin water development program of the Bureau of Reclamation and Corps of Engineers has and will continue to inundate numerous sites on which the aboriginal inhabitants of the region...

Preliminary Appraisal of the Archeological Resources of Onion Flat, Soral Creek, and Raft Lake Reservoirs, Big Horn River Basin, Fremont County, Wyoming (1949)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Richard P. Wheeler.

Archeological Investigations of the proposed Onion Flat, Soral Creek, and Raft Lake reservoirs, in the Big Horn River Basin, Fremont County, Wyoming, were made in June and July, 1949, by the Missouri River Basin Survey, Smithsonian Institution, The reservoirs are irrigation projects of the Bureau of Reclamation (see map accompanying this report), The surveys, made in accord with the memorandum of understanding between the Smithsonian Institution and the National Park Service, were undertaken in...