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Archaeological Testing of the East Papago Freeway Corridor from 52nd Street, Phoenix, to College Avenue, Tempe, Arizona (1989)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Gary Huckleberry.

Test excavations were performed in the corridor of the East Papago Freeway between November 15 and December 19, 1988. The project area extends from the 52nd Street alignment at Washington Street to College Avenue and is divided into three segments: 52nd to 56th streets, 56th Street to Mill Avenue, and Mill Avenue to College Avenue. The project area is approximately 3 km in length and is located almost entirely within the active geological floodplain...

Completion of Archaeological Fieldwork at the La Plaza Hohokam Village Site, AZ U:9:165(ASM), for the Tempe Transportation Center (2007)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Eric S. Cox. A.E. (Gene) Rogge.

The City of Tempe is building the Tempe Transportation Center adjacent to the Central Phoenix/East Valley Light Rail Transit Project that Valley Metro is constructing. The transportation center project includes construction of a “green” three-story building in the western part of the site and a bus plaza in the eastern part of the site adjacent to a transit station. Planning studies concluded that the construction of the transportation center could adversely affect a large Hohokam archaeological...