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DNA Identification of Prehistoric Puebloan Quids (2015)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Terence Murphy. Karen R. Adams. Keith L Johnson.

Quids are small wads of fiber that were chewed or sucked by prehistoric Native Americans and then spit out. To identify the plants used for making a selection of quids from Antelope Cave, we extracted DNA from 10 quids, used polymerase chain reaction to amplify a 250-base section near the chloroplast trnL gene, and determined the sequence of the amplified fragment. DNAs from the 10 quids had identical base sequences, and these matched corresponding sequences from authentic samples of Yucca ...

Parallel Analysis of Ancient Human mtDNA Sequences and Radiocarbon Ages of Quids from the Mule Springs Rockshelter, Nevada, USA (2016)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Scott Hamilton-Brehm. Lidia Hristova. Susan Edwards. Jeffrey Wedding. Duane Moser.

Ancient DNA research is revealing unprecedented information about past human migrations and residency. During the late Holocene people exploited food and material resources near Mule Spring Rockshelter in the Spring Mountains of Southern Nevada. In the 1960s hundreds of chewed plant remains (quids) were recovered from the shelter deposits. To better constrain patterns of human residency, mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) was extracted and partially sequenced from twenty representative quids that have...