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Animal Imagery and the Mythic Level of Jama-Coaque Figural Style (2017)
DOCUMENT Citation Only James A. Zeidler.

The mythological and iconographic analyses of Peter G. Roe have made seminal contributions to our understanding of Amerindian cosmology and religious thought in South America, both in the ethnographic present and in the prehispanic past. His unitary mythic model set forth in the Cosmic Zygote (1982) and explored in subsequent publications has convincingly demonstrated that this quintessentially Amazonian model has "deep-time" attributes that shed interpretive light on iconographic...

Clay Matters: Pottery Changes at C4-084B, a Manteño Site in the Cloud Forest of El Pital, Coastal Ecuador (2016)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Tamra Walter. Valentina L. Martinez. Sari Turcotte.

Recent archaeological investigations at site (C4-084B) within the Rio Blanco valley in coastal Ecuador yielded significant data regarding Manteño occupation of the region during the Integration Period (A.D. 700-1500). Situated in a cloud forest in the community of El Pital, the site contains the remnants of masonry residential structures along with evidence for at least two different occupations. Phase I, the earlier occupation, is separated from Phase II, the later occupation, by a gravel...

Community Archaeology in Coastal Ecuador: Balancing Interests (2019)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Florencio Delgado Espinoza. Josefina Vasquez.

This is an abstract from the "Working with the Community in Ecuador" session, at the 84th annual meeting of the Society for American Archaeology. More than 20 years ago, research in Agua Blanca, Manabí, changed the way in which archaeology in Ecuador was performed. Local community involvement in archaeology research took an active role. Since then, both Indigenous and peasant communities have called upon archaeologists that can collaborate with them on studying the past they consider as...

Contributions of Dolores Piperno to the history and folklore of coastal Ecuador (2015)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Karen Stothert.

Personal and professional reminiscences from 1979 to the present of the life and works of Dolores Piperno, great person, smart graduate student and distinguished scientist whose contribution to the early history of Ecuador (culture Las Vegas) has been transforatioal. SAA 2015 abstracts made available in tDAR courtesy of the Society for American Archaeology and Center for Digital Antiquity Collaborative Program to improve digital data in archaeology. If you are the author of this presentation...

Crafting and ordering the sacred space: Landscape, religion and political organization of the Manteño Society of Costal Ecuador. (2016)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Florencio Delgado Espinoza.

Powerful chiefly elites seem to have been always concern with “crafting “ themes of ideological order to convince followers of their divinity character and justify being at the top of social and political hierarchy. This concern in some instances have resulted in the “institutionalization of belief systems forged by these elites. In coastal Ecuador, prior the Spanish conquest, the Manteño society developed a religion system that was based on the creation of a sacred landscape, around which, they...