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Ancestor veneration in a domestic space in Panquilma. A preliminary approach based on the Ceramic Analysis. (2015)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Bryan Núñez Aparcana.

One of the characteristics of the funerary practices in the central coast during the late periods is the presence of interments inside domestic spaces. It has been proposed that this type of funerary practice in the region is related to an increment in ancestor veneration practices due to the proximity of the Inka invasion. This study presents the analysis of ceramic materials associated to secondary burials recovered from a Central Household Compound in the domestic sector at the site of...

Understanding an Alternative Pattern of Coalescence: A Study of Architecture and Organization at a Non-fortified, Pre-Inca Town in Highland Peru (2017)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Ryan Smith.

This study presents an analysis of the architecture and spatial organization at Maukallaqta de Nuñoa, a prehispanic site within the highlands of Peru dating to the Late Intermediate Period (AD 1000 – 1450). Within the northern Titicaca Basin where the site is located, hillforts dominate the archaeological landscape during this time as a result of increased political fragmentation and social discontinuity. While these hillforts often display very little architectural investment other than their...