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Becoming Chacoan: The Archaeology of the Aztec North Great House (2019)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Michelle I. Turner.

Between 900 and 1140 CE, people at Chaco Canyon and throughout its region built multistory monumental structures with hundreds of rooms, known as great houses. This dissertation reports on recent archaeological testing on one such great house, the Aztec North great house at Aztec Ruins National Monument. I argue that Aztec North’s occupation represents an early, transitional period, as people previously not involved in the Chaco world made choices that increasingly brought them into Chaco’s...

Further Analysis on Vessel Size and Feasting in three Chacoan Great House Communities (2015)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Ashton Satterlee. Andrew Duff.

Examining rim sherds and identifying ceramic vessels size is one method of investigating feasting practices. Larger vessels may indicate larger scale food preparation and consumption than found at normal households. Chacoan Great Houses are thought to have been used as gathering places for local communities to serve as the locus of ritual and feasting activities. The temporal element is expanding the research by using general ware types as temporal indicators on the ceramics recovered from...