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Compositional Analysis of Copper-base Metal Artifacts from Michigan (2017)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Heather Walder.

Compositional analysis of copper-base metal artifacts using portable x-ray fluorescence (pXRF) is an accurate and non-destructive way to identify "protohistoric" European-trade items in early contexts and to assess the continuity of native copper object use on historic-era archaeological sites (Dussubieux and Walder 2015). This poster presents new results from pXRF analysis of artifacts from two late 17th century archaeological sites in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan: the Cloudman Site, a...

Demographic Collapse and Deintensification in Protohistoric Alta California (2017)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Jacob Fisher.

Decreased human population densities associated with European exploration and colonialism in western North America may explain the historic observations of bountiful game that contrasts so drastically with the archaeological record on resource intensification. At Kathy’s Rockshelter in the northern Sierra Nevada foothills, California, there is a clear prehistoric trend towards resource depression of artiodactyls and increased dependence on small mammals, freshwater mussels, geophytes, and other...

Supper’s ready. Preparing and cooking food in Italian Protohistory (2016)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Anna Depalmas. Francesco di Gennaro.

The paper focuses on some aspects of food production and preparation of meals in the poorly equipped context of the protohistoric village in Italian territory. Some arrangements that have already been observed or reconstructed on archaeological basis, specifically when connected to particular found tools are discussed. With specific reference to the Italian protohistory, research on these items has been sometimes supported by ethnographic comparisons. In this search some already stated...