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The ice-age landscape around Manot Cave (Israel) during the Upper and Middle Palaeolithic: new insights from the anthracological record and carbon isotopes analyses (2017)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Valentina Caracuta. Bridget Alex. Lior Regev. Eugenia Mintz. Elisabetta Boaretto.

Since 2012, a series of investigations in Manot Cave recovered charcoal samples from archaeological layers in order to study the landscape around the site between the Upper and the Middle Palaeolithic (UP/MP). Samples of soils and loose charcoal were collected in different areas of the cave, while particular attention was paid to the sampling of the hearths found in Area E and I. Anatomical features of the charcoals were analyzed using a metallographic microscope in order to indentify tree...

Zooarchaeological Evidence of Human Niche Construction at Cottonwood Spring Pueblo (LA 175) (2016)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Kristin Corl.

Cottonwood Spring Pueblo (LA 175), an El Paso Phase (A.D. 1275-1450) horticultural village in southern New Mexico is one of the largest pueblos in the region. Understanding what animal communities were included in the subsistence strategies people living in this village used will aid in understanding strategies that people relied upon to support a large population in the Northern Chihuahuan Desert. Were prey animals (such as desert cottontails, black-tailed jackrabbits, whitetail deer, mule...