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3D Laser Scanning for the digital reconstruction and analysis of a 16th Century clinker built sailing vessel (2013)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Pat T Tanner.

 Using the Drogheda boat scaled physical model as a starting point, the following paper discusses a methodology that has been created to develop and analyse the hydrostatic and hydrodynamic characteristics of a reconstructed hull form. The physical boat model was 3D laser scanned and virtually modelled using commercially available CAD modelling software. Using boatbuilding experience, the recorded model is then "repaired", rebuilding the entire vessel, including recreating any missing...

Advancing interpretation of USS Monitor through digital reconstruction (2017)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Hannah E. Piner.

It can be difficult to interact with a large artifact actively undergoing conservation treatment and desalination. The artifact is almost constantly submerged in a treatment bath making it impossible or impractical for the archaeologist to study the particularities and imperfections of the object. This can postpone significant archaeological interpretation for years. By digitally reconstructing USS Monitor’s iconic gun turret, using photogrammetry and laser scanning, USS Monitor Center staff at...

Forensic Methods for the 3D Reconstruction of an Infant Burial in Arma Veirana Cave, Liguria, Italy (2019)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Danylo Drohobytsky. Dominique Meyer. Julien Riel-Salvatore. Jamie Hodgkins. Caley Orr.

This is an abstract from the "Recent Advances in the Prehistory of Liguria and Neighboring Regions" session, at the 84th annual meeting of the Society for American Archaeology. Spatio-temporal models can function as detailed digital surrogates of archaeological sites, providing the context and content needed to enable analytical reasoning by means of interactive visualization. The starting point is often surveying techniques based on light detection and ranging as well as photogrammetry,...