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Consumption and Construction: Art, Sacra, and the Place of Empire in Postclassic Mexico (2017)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Kristi Peterson.

In the pre-Columbian era of Mexico, devotional objects served to reinforce existing cultural systems while simultaneously shaping the overarching aesthetic narrative. This presentation will explore the manner by which ixiptla (lit. representation), a type of central Mexican cult effigy, functioned to form the visual rhetoric that is illustrative and formative of conceptions of space, place, and cultural identity in the late Postclassic Period. Within the category of devotional images, ixiptla...

Intersections of Confinement: Space and Place at the Poston Japanese American Internment Camp, Arizona (2016)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Yoon Kyung Shim.

Japanese American internment intersected with Native American sovereign space at the Poston internment camp in Arizona during WWII. This intersection was not coincidental, nor was it unnoticed by those most directly affected by it, namely internees and members of the Colorado River Indian Tribes. Internees and local residents processed their own and each other's confinements and engaged with each other in various ways during and after the war, a process which continues today at the Poston...