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Conservation Research Laboratory, Texas A&M University - An Overview (2017)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Donny Hamilton.

The Conservation Research Laboratory (CRL) was founded in1978 as part of the Nautical Archaeology Program (NAP) at Texas A&M University (TAMU) to treat the material from the archaeological sites excavated by TAMU and the Institute of Nautical Archaeology. Now CRL is one of six laboratories that comprise the Center of Maritime Archaeology and Conservation (CMAC) and CRL’s scope has considerably increased with an active contract conservation program treating archaeological material from both...

Conserving the CSS Georgia (2017)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Carrigan Miller.

Over the course of the CSS Georgia project, a wide array of artifacts have been recovered, all of which are in the process of being conserved at the Texas A&M Conservation Research Laboratory. Each artifact poses its own unique challenges and in order to effectively conserve an artifact the appropriate technique must be selected. This presentation outlines the differing techniques for de-concreting wood, iron, and cuprous materials, as well as how to avoid common pitfalls that might be...