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Analysis of an Unknown Component at 38CH2048, Johns Island, Charleston County, South Carolina (2016)
DOCUMENT Full-Text C Partridge. James Page. Jana Futch.

This paper addresses a possible Civil War era component at 38CH2048, Cane Slash Plantation.

Archaeological Data Recovery Investigation of the Shade Tree Tract (38CH2048), Johns Island, Charleston County, South Carolina (2018)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Jana Futch. Carolyn Rock. Meagan Brady. C Partridge. Charles F. Philips. C.S. Butler.

The data recovery investigations at 38CH2048 detail a large sample of post-contact material recovered from the site, as well as hundreds of identified cultural features. The long occupation span of the site, from the eighteenth to the twentieth century, combined with the activities of generations of occupants has resulted in mixed contexts. While these mixed contexts obscure straightforward interpretations, the data recovered and analyzed during this Phase III project has contributed to our...

Shade Tree
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Archaeological investigations associated with the Shade Tree Tract, also known as Cane Slash Plantation on Johns Island, Charleston County, South Carolina.