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The Archaeology of Petrified Forest National Park
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WACC reports on survey and excavation projects within the boundaries of the Petrified Forest National Park.

Patterns of Lithic Use at AZ Q:1:42, Petrified Forest National Park, Arizona: Data Revovery along the Mainline Road (1983)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Anne Trinkle Jones.

During Phase I of the project to reconstruct the Mainline Road (Pkg. 140) at Petrified Forest National Park, a two-component site, AZ Q:1:42, will be disturbed. To mitigate the impacts of the project, staff from the Western Archeological and Conservation Center conducted data recovery in August 1983. The site included four loci, two dated to the Basketmaker III period (A.D. 700 to A.D. 775) and two dated tentatively to the Pueblo II and Early Pueblo III periods (A.D. 950 to A.D. 1150). A large...