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Digital Archive of Archaeological Documents Related to Dyess Air Force Base, Texas
PROJECT Air Combat Command, United States Air Force.

This project, created by Digital Antiquity under contract with the United States Air Force, contains documents and other resources from archaeological research conducted at Dyess Air Force Base (Dyess AFB). Dyess AFB, established in 1942 as Abilene Army Air Base (AAB), is a B1-Bomber base on 6,409-acre located in the southwest corner of Abilene, TX in Taylor County. The archaeology of the Taylor County area dates the human occupation of the area from about 12,500 B.C. into the present. ...

Final Report Cultural Resources Survey of Dyess Air Force Base, Abilene, Taylor County, Texas (1995)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Norman A. Haywood. Keith A. Russell.

This cultural resource survey involved the examination of approximately 1,013 acres of land on the Dyess Air Force Base in Taylor County, Texas. During this investigation, two previously unrecorded archaeological sites were discovered. Sites 41TA183 and 41TA184 are both situated on a hill top in the northwest portion of the base. Since both sites are situated well above riverine settings, neither has been subjected to any alluvial deposition. However, these sites were heavily disturbed by...