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Cultural Resources Survey of the Salt River Project Canals, Maricopa County, Arizona (1998)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Lourdes Aguila.

At the request of the Bureau of Reclamation, Phoenix Area Office, Archaeological Consulting Services, Ltd. (ACS) conducted a Class III (Intensive), non-collection cultural resources survey of approximately 170 miles of the Arizona, Arizona Crosscut, Grand, Tempe, Tempe Crosscut, Consolidated, Eastern, South, Western, Highline, and Kyrene Branch Canals in Maricopa County, Arizona. The canals, which are owned by the Reclamation, are maintained and operated by the Salt River Project (SRP). The...

The Excavations of Los Muertos and Neighboring Ruins in the Salt River Valley, Southern Arizona (1945)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Emil W. Haury.

This publication which originally was Emil W. Haury's doctoral dissertation for the Department of Anthropology, Harvard University, is based on the work of the Hemenway Southwestern Archaeological Expedition of 1887-1888. The fieldwork was organized and overseen by Frank Hamilton Cushing. The Hemenway Expedition's work in the Salt River Valley was in truth a pioneering effort. Neither here nor in the adjoining Gila Valley had any systematic work of any sort been done. Although seen by some...