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The Bird of the Next Dawn: The husbandry, translocation and transformation of the turkey (2012)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Tyr Fothergill. University of Leicester.

This thesis follows the palaeopathological and social history of the turkey, Meleagris gallopavo, over a thousand years (AD 900- c. 1900) and illuminates the evolving nature of turkey-human relationships. Interdependent analyses of zooarchaeological data and historical documentary sources were undertaken for this project. Palaeopathological and metrical data were gathered from turkey elements excavated from archaeological sites in the American Southwest, the UK and Éire; these were used with...

Coding guide for Salinas project faunal remains, including Quarai Pueblo (2002)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Uploaded by: Karen Schollmeyer

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General Resources from the Long Term Vulnerability and Transformation Project
PROJECT Margaret Nelson. National Science Foundation.

Long-Term Coupled Socioecological Change in the American Southwest and Northern Mexico: Each generation transforms an inherited social and environmental world and leaves it as a legacy to succeeding generations. Long-term interactions among social and ecological processes give rise to complex dynamics on multiple temporal and spatial scales – cycles of change followed by relative stasis, followed by change. Within the cycles are understandable patterns and irreducible uncertainties; neither...

The Impact of Pueblo Aggregation and Spanish Colonization on Faunal Utilization at Quarai, New Mexico (1994)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Heidi Moore.

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Quarai Archaeological Mineral Specimens (2003)
DATASET William Graves.

This dataset contains information on mineral artifacts from the 1992-93 ASU excavations at Quarai Pueblo, New Mexico

Quarai Groundstone Artifacts (2003)
DATASET William Graves.

This dataset contains information on groundstone artifacts at Quarai Pueblo that were recovered during ASU's 1992-1993 excavations.

Quarai lithics database (2003)
DATASET Katherine Spielmann.

This file contains information on the chipped stone recovered from the 1992 and 1993 ASU field seasons at Quarai Pueblo, New Mexico.

Quarai Miscellaneous Artifacts (2003)
DATASET William Graves.

This dataset contains information on a variety of miscellaneous objects, many of them historic (e.g., metal) found during the ASU 1992-93 excavations at Quarai Pueblo, New Mexico. **Note that most of the ornaments are in the Quarai Ornaments database.**

Quarai Ornaments (2003)
DATASET William Graves.

This dataset provides information on the ornaments, primarily shell and turquoise, that were recovered during ASU's excavations at Quarai Pueblo in 1992 and 1993.

Quarai Potlids (2003)
DATASET William Graves.

This dataset contains information on the potlids (stone disks, usually limestone) from the ASU 1992-93 excavations at Quarai Pueblo, New Mexico.

Quarai Pueblo Archaeological Project
PROJECT Katherine Spielmann. Arizona State University (ASU).

Arizona State University project directed by Katherine Spielmann in the summers of 1992 and 1993.

Quarai Pueblo Ceramic data with Period information (2014)
DATASET Katherine Spielmann.

This dataset contains counts and weights for plain, white, and glaze ware ceramics from Quarai Pueblo, New Mexico. The last column also provides period designations. Early is the early 1300s; Middle is probably the late 1400s-mid-1500s but we have no direct radiocarbon dates, and late is largely colonial. Quarai was abandoned between the early and late periods--there is little middle period occupation that we found.

Quarai Pueblo Faunal Data (2000)
DATASET Tiffany Clark.

Faunal data from Quarai Pueblo archaeological project.

Spanish Missionization and Puebloan Food Resource Utilitization at Quarai Pueblo, New Mexico (1997)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Dee Jones.

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Synthesis of Salinas Pueblo Glazeware Sources from Petrographic Analyses (2008)
DATASET Uploaded by: Stephanie Kulow

This spreadsheet presents counts of glazeware ceramics for each of the Salinas Pueblos organized by petrographically-determined production area