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The Dolores Archaeological Program
PROJECT Robert A. Bye. Christine K. Robinson. David A. Breternitz. Allen E. Kane. Steven E. James. Timothy A. Kohler. William D. Lipe. Bureau of Reclamation.

From 1978 until 1985 the University of Colorado contracted with the Bureau of Reclamation (Contract No. 8-07-40-S0562) to mitigate the adverse impact of a large water impoundment project on the cultural resources in the project area. This complex and evolving long-term mitigation plan known as the Dolores Archaeological Program (DAP) has been called a “truly unique chapter in American archaeology” (Breternitz 1993:118) and was applauded by Lipe (1998:2) for its ability to “increase the power and...

Dolores Archaeological Program Technical Reports, DAP-024: Prehistoric Archaeology of the Sagehen Flats Locality (1982)
DOCUMENT Full-Text David H. Greenwald.

The Sagehen Flats Locality is 1 of 16 localities contained within the Escalante Sector. It is located in southwest Colorado approximately 6 km northwest of Dolores, Colorado. The Sagehen Flats Locality differs from surrounding localities in that it is an area of gentle slopes and small knolls. Its drainages feed the Sagehen Marsh, which eventually drains into the Dolores River to the east. The first prehistoric use of this area has been dated to the Archaic Tradition (5000 B.C.-A .D. 500)...

Dolores Archaeological Program Technical Reports, DAP-032: Excavations at Casa Roca (Site 5Mt2203), a Pueblo I / Pueblo II Field House (1982)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Joel M. Brisbin.

Casa Roca, Site 5MT2203, is a small, seasonal use, single-component site located in southwestern Colorado. The site was excavated in 1979 by the Dolores Archaeological Program (D.A.P.) as part of a representative sample of sites, by site type and temporal period, from the borrow areas of the Dolores Project, a Bureau of Reclamation water storage project. Casa Roca is assigned to the McPhee Phase (A.D. 850-970) as defined by the D.A.P. temporal system. This corresponds to the late Pueblo I and...

Dolores Archaeological Program: Anaszai Communities at Dolores: Early Anasazi Sites in the Sagehen Flats Area (1986)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Allen E. Kane. G. Timothy Gross.

During the 1979 field season, 9 sites were excavated. This was to provide information about the Sagehen Flats Locality during the Sagehen Phase. Investigation revealed 5 were limited activity sites and 4 were hamlets. Tres Bobos, Site 5MT4545, is a Basketmaker III habitation. Excavations discovered 1 pithouse and 14 surface rooms. Tres Bobos was occupied between A.D. 600-850. Apricot Hamlet, Site 5MT2858, is a multiple occupation Basketmaker III/Pueblo I site. Excavations revealed a pithouse and...