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The Dolores Archaeological Program
PROJECT Robert A. Bye. Christine K. Robinson. David A. Breternitz. Allen E. Kane. Steven E. James. Timothy A. Kohler. William D. Lipe. Bureau of Reclamation.

From 1978 until 1985 the University of Colorado contracted with the Bureau of Reclamation (Contract No. 8-07-40-S0562) to mitigate the adverse impact of a large water impoundment project on the cultural resources in the project area. This complex and evolving long-term mitigation plan known as the Dolores Archaeological Program (DAP) has been called a “truly unique chapter in American archaeology” (Breternitz 1993:118) and was applauded by Lipe (1998:2) for its ability to “increase the power and...

Dolores Archaeological Program Technical Reports, DAP-020: Magnetometer Results (1981)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Robert J. Huggins. John Weymouth.

As part of Dolores Cultural Resources Mitigation Program Field Operations in 1978, a magnetometer survey test program was implemented to determine the efficacy of such methods in facilitating excavation strategies. The program was begun on 12 September 1978 and was continued until late October . A total of 46 20 by 20m blocks at 14 prehistoric sites was surveyed and the result ant data sent to the University of Nebraska for analysis and interpretation. By the report submission date (May 1979) 90...

Dolores Archaeological Program Technical Reports, DAP-024: Prehistoric Archaeology of the Sagehen Flats Locality (1982)
DOCUMENT Full-Text David H. Greenwald.

The Sagehen Flats Locality is 1 of 16 localities contained within the Escalante Sector. It is located in southwest Colorado approximately 6 km northwest of Dolores, Colorado. The Sagehen Flats Locality differs from surrounding localities in that it is an area of gentle slopes and small knolls. Its drainages feed the Sagehen Marsh, which eventually drains into the Dolores River to the east. The first prehistoric use of this area has been dated to the Archaic Tradition (5000 B.C.-A .D. 500)...

Dolores Archaeological Program Technical Reports, DAP-051: Human Remains (1982)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Louisa B. Flander.

Analysis of human skeletal remains from 1978 and 1979 excavations and the 1978 survey is presented. At least 26 individuals from 14 sites are represented in the collections. None of the remains analyzed indicate that any of the individuals represented were in poor health. The fragmentary nature of the remains makes it impossible to draw any more definite conclusions concerning the health of the prehistoric population. Sex and age determinants follow standard procedures, i.e., conservative...

Dolores Archaeological Program Technical Reports, DAP-066: 1980 Archaeomagnetic Sampling Program (1982)
DOCUMENT Full-Text J. Holly Hathaway.

The 1980 archaeomagnetic sampling program involved the recovery of 59 archaeomagnetic samples from 13 archaeological sites excavated by the Dolores Archaeological Program. In addition, 12 samples were collected from 12 experimental hearths located within the project area. Based on the 1979 DAP refinement of the A.D. 700-900 portion of the Southwest curve, the 1978-1980 prehistoric collection sets were temporally evaluated. When these dates were compared to the original Southwest curve estimates,...

Dolores Archaeological Program: Field Investigations and Analysis - 1978 (1983)
DOCUMENT Full-Text D. A. Breternitz.

This report presents the results of the Dolores Archaeological Program's initial (1978) field season. The Dolores Archaeological Program was funded by the Bureau of Reclamation as part of the Dolores Project Cultural Resource Mitigation Program, which is responsible for the mitigation of impacts to the cultural resources to be affected by the construction of a multipurpose water storage and distribution system on the Dolores River in Montezuma County, southwestern Colorado. The chapters in...