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The Archaic Maize Pollen of Koster An Essay on Canons of Evidence (1981)
DOCUMENT Full-Text James Schoenwetter.

Argues that the canons of evidence that apply to artifactual evidence of prehistoric behavior patterns are sometimes distinct from those that apply to non-artifactual evidence, and the logic and archaeological value of the latter is not less simply because it is different. The essay is intended to instruct and sensitise archaeologists to this issue as much as it is to allay concern that the pollen evidence for Archaic maize cultivation at the Koster site may not be credible. 49 p. Also see...

Hor 11 Dataset Ex 2 Quest 3,4 and 5 (2017)
DATASET Sarah Neusius.

This is an Excel File for Use with STudent Exercise 2 for Digital Database Preservation and Integration in Zooarchaeology

James Schoenwetter Pollen Research Papers
PROJECT Uploaded by: Mary Whelan

James Schoenwetter (Ph.D. Southern Illinois 1967) was a Professor Emeritus at Arizona State University. His research interests included prehistoric cultural ecology, applications of pollen analysis in archaeology and research methodology. Before his retirement in 2000 he directed the ASU Anthropology Department’s palynology lab. Pollen research by Schoenwetter and his students involved a variety of sites in Mesoamerica, North America and Europe. He directed archaeological and botanical...

Palynology of the Koster Site: First Report (1971)
DOCUMENT Full-Text James Schoenwetter.

Results of pilot pollen study suggests further research would be relevant to on-going and planned archaeological study at this site. Also see unpublished report of subsequent palynological research 1974.

Principal Results of Palynological Studies at Koster: Summary Statement (1974)
DOCUMENT Full-Text James Schoenwetter.

Summary of the observations and conclusions drawn from pollen studies of surface samples, core samples from Calimus Lake (drained), and archaeological-context samples from the Koster Site in the lower Illinois River Valley.