Generated identity coding sheet for Portion

Year: 2013


This identity coding sheet was generated by tDAR for portion - VARCHAR 37756 column from Rowe Pueblo Fauna dataset (391763) on Mon Dec 09 23:23:42 MST 2013

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Generated identity coding sheet for Portion. 2013 ( tDAR id: 391774) ; doi:10.6067/XCV8WQ04PP

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Ontology: Fauna Proximal-Distal/Portion Ontology

Category: Fauna

Subcategory: Portion/Proximal/Distal

Coding Rules

Code Term Description Mapped Ontology Node
Acetabulum Acetabulum Not Applicable
Acetabulum + ischium Acetabulum + ischium Not Applicable
Acetabulum + pubis Acetabulum + pubis Not Applicable
Anterior + medial Anterior + medial Not Applicable
Anterior 1/2 Anterior 1/2 Not Applicable
Anterior fragment Anterior fragment Not Applicable
Ascend. ramus miss. Ascend. ramus miss. Not Applicable
Ascending ramus Ascending ramus Not Applicable
Auditory bulla Auditory bulla Not Applicable
Cancellous tissue Cancellous tissue Not Applicable
Complete Complete Complete
Damaged Damaged Not Applicable
Diaphysis (shaft) Diaphysis (shaft) Shaft
Dist. epiph. miss. Dist. epiph. miss. Distal end & shaft {unfused distal epiphysis missing}
Distal Distal Distal
Distal + < ½ shaft Distal + < ½ shaft Distal end & shaft {unfused distal epiphysis missing}
Distal + > ½ shaft Distal + > ½ shaft Distal end & shaft {unfused distal epiphysis missing}
Distal epiphysis Distal epiphysis Distal epiphysis only
Dorsal (Top) 1/2 Dorsal (Top) 1/2 Not Applicable
Epiphysis Epiphysis Indeterminate
Epiphysis missing Epiphysis missing Shaft both unfused epiphysis missing
Fragment Fragment Indeterminate
Frontal Frontal Not Applicable
Frontal + Parietal Frontal + Parietal Not Applicable
Horizontal ramus Horizontal ramus Not Applicable
Ilium Ilium Not Applicable
Ilium + acetabulum Ilium + acetabulum Not Applicable
Ilium missing Ilium missing Not Applicable
Ischium Ischium Not Applicable
Ischium + pubis Ischium + pubis Not Applicable
Ischium missing Ischium missing Not Applicable
Lateral fragment Lateral fragment Not Applicable
Medial fragment Medial fragment Not Applicable
Occipital Occipital Not Applicable
Orbital Area Orbital Area Not Applicable
Parietal Parietal Not Applicable
Plate/Blade Fragment Plate/Blade Fragment Not Applicable
Posterior + Medial Posterior + Medial Not Applicable
Posterior 1/2 Posterior 1/2 Not Applicable
Posterior Fragment Posterior Fragment Not Applicable
Premaxilla Premaxilla Not Applicable
Processes missing Processes missing Not Applicable
Prox. + < ½ shaft Prox. + < ½ shaft Proximal end & shaft {broken}
Prox. + > ½ shaft Prox. + > ½ shaft Proximal end & shaft {broken}
Prox. epiph. miss. Prox. epiph. miss. Proximal shaft minus proximal epiphysis {unfused}
Proximal Proximal Proximal
Proximal epiphysis Proximal epiphysis Proximal epiphysis only
Pubis Pubis Not Applicable
Pubis missing Pubis missing Not Applicable
Shaft fragment Shaft fragment Shaft
Temporal Temporal Not Applicable
Ventral (Bottom) 1/2 Ventral (Bottom) 1/2 Not Applicable
Vertebral Process Vertebral Process Not Applicable
Zygomatic Zygomatic Not Applicable
dist. Epiph. Miss. dist. Epiph. Miss. Proximal end & shaft {unfused distal epiphysis missing}
Special Coding Rules: These entries are not in the coding-sheet, but represent edge-cases in Data Integration that may benefit from custom mappings

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