Phase II Archaeological Evaluation, Site 44CE0062, Fort A. P. Hill (AP2012.001)

Part of: Fort A.P. Hill, Caroline County, Virginia

The Fort A.P. Hill Cultural Resource Manager, under the Environmental Division of the Directorate of Public Works within Fort A.P. Hill, Virginia, has completed Phase II archaeological evaluation investigations at Site 44CE0062, Fort A.P. Hill, Caroline County, Virginia. Site 44CE0062 was originally identified in 1978 during the first major cultural resource survey of Fort A.P. Hill.

The objective of the archaeological evaluation of Site 44CE0062 was to determine (1) the site’s subsurface integrity and (2) if the site is eligible for inclusion in the National Register of Historic Places. The investigations included (1) pedestrian surface survey and (2) the excavation of four 1x1-meter (3.3x3.3-foot) test units. The fieldwork resulted in the recovery of 325 artifacts from four test units.

Site 44CE0062 represents an early twentieth-century farmstead occupation with remnant late nineteenth-century components, and with twentieth-century military disturbances. Soil profiles encountered during the archaeological evaluation indicate that the site has been extensively disturbed, with the majority of artifacts having been recovered from redeposited soils. Although artifacts dating to a possible nineteenth-century occupation were encountered, these components have been disturbed by the early twentieth-century domestic occupation of the site and, more recently, the mid-to-late twentieth-century military development of the property. The majority of the artifacts recovered at the site represent materials that were redeposited when the house and associated structures were destroyed in the 1940s. All of the features at Site 44CE0062 represent disturbed twentieth-century cultural features with no integrity. Subsequently, Site 44CE0062 is recommended not eligible for inclusion in the National Register under Criterion D. Based on

historical research, the site is also recommended not eligible under Criteria A, B, and C.

This collection contains the Phase II Archaeological Evaluation, Site 44CE0062, Fort A. P. Hill (AP2012.001) project, which includes the report, artifact inventory, photo log and photographs.