Field School at Sites 12G9 and 12G10 1975-1976

Part of: US Army Corps of Engineers, Louisville District VCP

The Field School at Sites 12G9 and 12G10 1975–1976 investigation was conducted during the summers of 1975 and 1976 in Grant County and covered the Mississinewa Lake and Mississinewa River drainage area upriver from the reservoir. B.K. Swartz, Jr. was the principal investigator on the project, which was conceived with the interest “to document the activities of the Battle of the Mississinewa, December 18, 1812, and the related role of the Miami and the Delaware Villages in the area” (Swartz 1975).

The collection primarily consisted of artifacts from sites 12G9 and 12G10, but while processing another site was found, 12G13. More information on 12G13 can be found in the “Sorting and Rehousing” section. While processing some artifacts were found with a date of collection in 1974, but it was decided to keep them with the Field School at Sites 12G9 and 12G10 1975–1976 investigation. For more information on these artifacts please see the “Sorting and Re-housing” section.

The digital materials in this collection were processed by the Veterans Curation Program (VCP) and include the artifact database, select artifact photographs, the artifact report, the finding aid, investigation report, oversized material spreadsheet and scanned asset key. Additional digital materials held by the VCP include additional artifact photographs, box labels, correspondence, excavation forms, the initial data sheet, folder listings, laboratory records, material labels, notes, photo records, records removal sheets and survey forms. For additional information on these materials, refer to the Finding Aid.

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