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  • A Cultural Resources Survey of the Proposed Salt River Project Central Support Complex Parcel in Tempe, Maricopa County, Arizona (1986)
    DOCUMENT Full-Text Scott L. Fedick.

    On February 27, 1986, Scott L. Fedick of Archaeological Research Services, Inc. (ARS), performed a cultural resources survey at the proposed location of the Salt River Project Central Support Complex. The survey was undertaken at the request of Salt River Project in order to determine if cultural resources, which may include prehistoric or historic archaeological sites or objects, historically or architecturally significant structures or buildings, were present which could be affected by...

  • An Archaeological Survey of the Proposed Thunderstone Training Center, Mesa, Maricopa County, Arizona (1993)
    DOCUMENT Full-Text Walter R. Punzmann.

    Archaeological Consulting Services, Ltd. conducted a cultural resource survey of a proposed Salt River Project (SRP) training center at the request of Dr. Judy Brunson of SRP. The survey was performed to provide an inventory and assessment of the cultural resources that might be affected by the proposed construction. Two relatively recent sites consisting of several discrete surficial trash dumps were identified. Both sites are not considered to be significant.