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Welcome to the Experimental Archaeology Collection, a place for sharing and preserving data and results of experimental archaeology. The collection is supported by EXARC, the ICOM Affiliated Organisation representing archaeological open-air museums, experimental archaeology, ancient technology, and interpretation. EXARC raises the standard of scientific research and public presentation among our membership through collaborative projects, conferences, and publications.

The collection currently consists of citations from the EXARC bibliography, developed by Dr Roeland Paardekooper, and the collection is managed by Dr Jodi Reeves Eyre. EXARC will add more descriptive information and open access files to many of these citations in the following months. EXARC seeks to work with universities, museums, and researchers to upload their experimental archaeology data, publications, and grey literature into the collection. If you or your institution are interested in contributing materials to the collection, please contact Reeves Eyre at jodireeves[at]exarc.net.

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  1. Ild og ler: bål-ildsted-ovn (1969)
  2. An introduction to the technology of pottery (1969)
  3. Iron-smelting experiments at Varde, Denmark (1969)
  4. The Jamestown Voyages under the First Charter 1606-1609 (1969)
  5. Kilns and Kiln Firing (1969)
  6. Kopi af et Vikingeskib (1969)
  7. A középkori Magyar falu (1969)
  8. Le charbonnier dans les bois (1969)
  9. Lithic materials and technology (1969)
  10. Metal Techniques for Craftsmen, a basic Manual on the methods of Forming and Decorating Metals (1969)
  11. Paddling experiments and the question of Polynesian voyaging (1969)
  12. Paddling experiments and the question of Polynesian voyaging (1969)
  13. Paunch cooking (1969)
  14. Planen und Auswerten von Versuchen (1969)
  15. Pottery making in the village of use near Benin City, Nigeria (1969)
  16. Practical leather Technology (1969)
  17. Recent Work on Early Ironmaking Sites in the Stamford Area (1969)
  18. Reflections on typology and techniques in the Palaeolithic (1969)
  19. Schleswig-holsteinisches Freilichtmuseum - ein Bildband (1969)
  20. Some comments on hinge fracture in fluted point manufacture (1969)
  21. Stone and steel tool use in a New Guinea society (1969)
  22. Stone tools and human behavior (1969)
  23. Sønderjyske og Fynske Mosefund Bind I-III. (1969)
  24. A technique for flaking projectile points (1969)
  25. Traditional Maori clothing: a study of technological and functional change (1969)
  26. Tree-felling by fire (1969)
  27. Two House Sites in the Central Plains: An Experiment in Archaeology (1969)
  28. Typologies for some prehistoric flaked stone artifacts in the Australian New Guinea Highlands (1969)
  29. Töpferei und Töpferwaren auf Buvuma (Uganda) (1969)
  30. An unusual method of flint chipping (1969)
  31. Vor- und Frühgeschichte vom Neolithikum bis zur Völkerwanderungszeit (1969)
  32. What good is a broken pot: an experiment in Hopi-Tewa ethnoarchaeology (1969)
  33. Zur bruchmechanischen Deutung der Schlagmarken an Steingeräten (1969)
  34. Работы експериментаиной группы Молдавской арчеологицеской експедиции (1970)
  35. 100.000 Jahre Leder (1970)
  36. 8th International congress of anthropological and ethnological sciences: proceedings. 3. Ethnology and archaeology. 8. Internationaler Kongress für anthropologische and ethnologische Wissenschaften; 1968.09.03-10 (1970)
  37. Amphiett islands pottery trade and kula (1970)
  38. Anthropologische Bearbeitung der Leichenbrände von Berlin-Rudow (1970)
  39. Archaeology as anthropology: a case study (1970)
  40. Archeologické a petrografické poznámky k funkci kamenné broušené industrie (1970)
  41. Bo - en bronzealderdreng (1970)
  42. Bronze Joining: A Study in Ancient Technology (1970)
  43. Comments: Reconstructing Prehistoric Pueblo Societies (1970)
  44. The composition of metal artifacts: a guide to provenance (1970)
  45. Cues 1: design and construction of an experimental archeological structure (1970)
  46. Design structure and social interaction: archaeological implications of an ethnographic analysis (1970)
  47. Die Technologie der mittelalterlichen Teerbrennerei in Krásna Doliná bei Rakovnik (1970)
  48. Ergebnisse experimenteller Verbrennungen zur Feststellung von Form- und Grössenveränderungen von Menschenknochen unter dem Einfluss von hohen Temperaturen (1970)
  49. Ethno-Archäologie: ein Beitrag zur Methode der historischen Ethnologie (1970)
  50. Expedition Ra: mit dem Sonnenboot in die Vergangenheit (1970)
  51. An experiment in the manufacture of Olivella shell beads (1970)
  52. An experiment with time (1970)
  53. Flaking stone tools with wooden implements (1970)
  54. Forløbig rapport over forsøg med rekonstrueret rideudstyr af jernaldertype udført i juli 1970 (1970)
  55. The forms and functions of the oldest tools (1970)
  56. From the hand of man (1970)
  57. Glass and glassmaking in ancient Mesopotamia (1970)
  58. House-plans and prehistory (1970)
  59. Iron smelting experiments in a reconstructed Roman furnace (1970)
  60. Kausalität und Experiment in den Sozialwissenschaften: Methodologie und Forschungstechnik (1970)
  61. Kortfattet oversigt over Historisk-Arkæologisk Forsøgscenters historie 1963-1970 (1970)
  62. Küchenwesen und Mahlzeiten (1970)
  63. Man's oldest craft recreated (1970)
  64. Methods of earthwork building (1970)
  65. A microanalystic study of some ground stone artefacts from Tilmen Hoyuk and Gedikli-Karahoyuk (South-eastern Anatolia) (1970)
  66. Museum für Urgeschichte des Landes Niederösterreich (1970)
  67. Nigerian pottery: a catalogue (1970)
  68. Observations typologiques et techniques sur le Pérogordien supérieur de Corbiac (Dordogne) (1970)
  69. Pech und Teer bei den Slawen (1970)
  70. The ploughs of medieval Denmark (1970)
  71. Precolumbian obsidian earspools: an investigation of possible manufacturing methods (1970)
  72. Prehistoric farm at Butser Hill: project of research and education (1970)
  73. Raclettes mousteriennes: une étude expérimentale sur la distinction de retouche intentionelle et les modifications du tranchant par utilisation (1970)
  74. Reconstructing Prehistoric Pueblo Societies (1970)
  75. Reconstruction of an Arkansas Hopewellian panpipe (1970)
  76. Reconstruction of an Iron Age Fodder store (1970)
  77. Reduction of iron from its ore in the Medieval bloomery (1970)
  78. Römische Kalkbrenner im Rheinland, Kunst und Altertum am Rhein (1970)
  79. Sailing with the Amphiett islanthes (1970)
  80. Slaggegruberne fra Drengsted - prøver over en fortidig jernudvindningsproces udført i juli 1970 (1970)
  81. Slaggegruberne fra Drengsted – prøver over en fortidig jernudvindningsproces udført i juli 1970 (1970)
  82. Spears and spearthrowers of the Western Desert aborigines of Australia (1970)
  83. A speculative reconstruction of techniques of carving, transporting and erecting Easter Island statues (1970)
  84. Stenalderhuset fra Troldebjerg (1970)
  85. The Sutton Hoo Lyre, Beowulf, and the Origins of the Frame Harp (1970)
  86. Systems theory, computer simulations, and archaeology (1970)
  87. Technology in the ancient world (1970)
  88. Textile manufacture in the Northern Roman provinces (1970)
  89. Two experimental Romano-British kiln firings at Barton-on-Humber, Lincolnshire (1970)
  90. Vi rekonstruerer Jernalderen, arkæologen arbejder (1970)
  91. Vi rekonstruerer Jernalderen, dagligliv og tro (1970)
  92. Vi rekonstruerer Jernalderen, huset (1970)
  93. Vi rekonstruerer Jernalderen, keramikken (1970)
  94. Vi rekonstruerer Jernalderen, landbruget (1970)
  95. Vi rekonstruerer Jernalderen, lærervejledning (1970)
  96. Vi rekonstruerer Jernalderen, vævningen (1970)
  97. Vorgeschichtliche Eisenverhüttungsplätze auf dem Neumünsteraner Sander (1970)
  98. Теория експеримента (1971)
  99. Adze wear patterns (1971)
  100. Anmerkungen zur Bergung von Leichenbränden anläßlich der anthropologischen Bearbeitung von Berliner Urnenfriedhöfen (1971)