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Welcome to the Experimental Archaeology Collection, a place for sharing and preserving data and results of experimental archaeology. The collection is supported by EXARC, the ICOM Affiliated Organisation representing archaeological open-air museums, experimental archaeology, ancient technology, and interpretation. EXARC raises the standard of scientific research and public presentation among our membership through collaborative projects, conferences, and publications.

The collection currently consists of citations from the EXARC bibliography, developed by Dr Roeland Paardekooper, and the collection is managed by Dr Jodi Reeves Eyre. EXARC will add more descriptive information and open access files to many of these citations in the following months. EXARC seeks to work with universities, museums, and researchers to upload their experimental archaeology data, publications, and grey literature into the collection. If you or your institution are interested in contributing materials to the collection, please contact Reeves Eyre at jodireeves[at]

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  1. Das Experiment im Michelsberger Erdwerk in Mayen (1971)
  2. Das Geheimnis romanischer Bauten (1971)
  3. De schaaf, voornaamste alaamstuk van de schrijnwerker (1971)
  4. Det Utrolige fra Thy (1971)
  5. Die Bremer Kogge, Versuch einer Rekonstruktion (1971)
  6. Die Rasiermesser in Mitteleuropa (1971)
  7. Die Technik der Antike und des Mittelalters. Reprinted After the print of Potsdam 1930 (1971)
  8. The dynamics of plant domestication: cultivation experiments with Oryza perennis and its hybrid Oryza sativa (1971)
  9. Ergologie und Technologie (1971)
  10. Essai de préhistoire experimentale - fabrication d'un epieu de bais (1971)
  11. Ethnomineralogy of Ticul, Yucatan potters: etics and emics (1971)
  12. Evolution et technique L'homme et la matière (1971)
  13. The examination of use-marks on some Magdalenian end scrapers (1971)
  14. The examination of use-marks on some Magdalenian end scrapers (1971)
  15. An experiment under oars (1971)
  16. An experimental approach to the function of classic Maya chultuns (1971)
  17. Experimental Archaeology 499-E (mimeographed) (1971)
  18. An experimental firing of a replica medieval kiln at Barton-on-Humber, Lincolnshire (1971)
  19. An experimental investigation into the decay of pollen and spores in various soil types (1971)
  20. Experimental kiln firings at Barton-on-Humber, S. Humberside 1971 (1971)
  21. Experimental Romano-British kiln firings at Barton-on-Humber, Lincolnshire (1971)
  22. Experiments in ancient bonfire-fired pottery (1971)
  23. Formung und Form: Versuch über das Zustandekommen der keramischen Form (1971)
  24. The fracture mechanics of flintknapping and allied processes (1971)
  25. The Fulani compound and the archaeologist (1971)
  26. Functional interpretations from microscopic analysis (1971)
  27. Gjutformar og Deglar, päträffade i Birka (1971)
  28. Harjas Folk. Fortællinger og arbejdsbeskrivelser for de yngste klassetrin om Danmarks jernalderfolk (1971)
  29. The interpretation program of Colonial Williamsburg (1971)
  30. Ironmaking in a Roman furnace (1971)
  31. A limited look at possible prehistoric methods of fabrication and firing of high desert pottery clays (1971)
  32. The lithic assemblage of the Western Desert aborigines of Australia (1971)
  33. The Lunt (1971)
  34. Maschenstoffe in Süd- und Mittelamerika: Beiträge zur Systematik und Geschichte primärer Textilverfahren (1971)
  35. The mechanism of the bloomery process in shaft furnace. (1971)
  36. Metalwork and Enamelling: a practical treatise on gold and silversmiths’ work and their allied crafts (1971)
  37. Museum Villages, USA (1971)
  38. Najwczesniejsze statki wschodnioatlantyckie i zachodniosródziemnomorskie: ze studiów nad rekonstrukcja. [The earliest east-Atlantic and West-Mediterranean ships: studies in reconstruction] (1971)
  39. Native Copper, Silver, and Gold Accessible to Early Metallurgists (1971)
  40. Neue Untersuchungen im Michelsberger Erdwerk von Mayen (1971)
  41. New open-air museums (1971)
  42. Några praktiska prov med skifferspilspetsar [BA Dissertation] (1971)
  43. Open sites and the ethnographic approach to the archaeology of hunter-gatherers (1971)
  44. Overton Down Experimental earthwork, Wiltshire 1968 (1971)
  45. Physical Evolution and Technological Evolution in Man: A Parallelism (1971)
  46. Pitch as a medium: a new approach to psychophysical scaling (1971)
  47. Predicting metabolic energy cost (1971)
  48. Probleme der Keramikklassifikation: Analyse von Material und Technik (1971)
  49. A quantitative comparison of efficiency between a stone axe and a steel axe (1971)
  50. Querries and stoneworking in the early middle ages: the heritage of the Ancient World (1971)
  51. Reconstruction of an Arkansas Hopewellian panpipe (1971)
  52. Rennverfahren und Anfänge der Roheisenerzeugung (1971)
  53. Replicative experiments in archaeology: an introductory bibliography (1971)
  54. Report on the Symposium on the Significance of Smelting Experiments for the History of Ferrous Metallurgy, Schaffhausen, November 1970 (1971)
  55. Roar Linde (1971)
  56. Sachtypologie der Landfahrzeuge (1971)
  57. Scriber, graver, scorper, tracer: notes on experiments in bronze-working technique (1971)
  58. Social history of Scandinavia: an experimental approach (1971)
  59. Some quantitative experiments in handaxe manufacture (1971)
  60. Steel in antiquity: A problem of terminology (1971)
  61. Studies in ancient technology, Volume 8. Metallurgy in Antiquity, part 1. Early Metallurgy, the Smith and his Tools, Gold, Silver and Lead, Zinc and Brass (1971)
  62. The study of animal bones from archaeological sites (1971)
  63. Technik, Wirtschaft und Handel (1971)
  64. A technlogical study of beveled knives (1971)
  65. A technological analysis of the manufacture of lithic artifacts. M. A. thesis (1971)
  66. The Tifalmin: a "Neolithic" people in New Guinea (1971)
  67. Twice across the Atlantic on a papyrus raft as an anthropological and behavioral experiment (1971)
  68. Van Soeter Cokene, 52 recepten uit de romeinse en middeleeuwse keuken (1971)
  69. The voyage of Ra II (1971)
  70. We knew Ishi (1971)
  71. Zur Herstellung und Lebensdauer von Keramik: Untersuchungen zu den sozialen, kulturellen und ökonomischen Strukturen am Beispiel der Ful aus der Sicht des Prähistorikers (1971)
  72. Деревянноэ зодеество Карелии (1972)
  73. Abandonment and postabandonment behaviour at a rural central American house site (1972)
  74. Acheulean Handaxes (1972)
  75. Archaeological reasoning and smudge pits revisited (1972)
  76. Automatic generation and evaluation of explanatory hypotheses (1972)
  77. Beitrag zum Stand der Leinengewebeforschung in vorgeschichtlicher Zeit (1972)
  78. Über die Größenbeziehungen zwischen dem prähistorischen Bogenschützen und seiner Waffe (1972)
  79. Übersicht über die Entwicklung der Bodenbearbeitung in Böhmen und Mähren (1972)
  80. A bibliography of replicative experiments in archaeology (1972)
  81. Bronze age sea trial (1972)
  82. Ceramic science for the potter (1972)
  83. Comments on "A History of Flint Knapping Experimentation, 1838-1976" by L.Lewis Johnson (1972)
  84. Computer models as tools for archaeological hypothesis formation (1972)
  85. A computer simulation model of Great Basin Shoshonean subsistence and settlement patterns (1972)
  86. The cone fracture principle and the manufacture of lithic materials (1972)
  87. Constitution of bloomery slags: Part II: Medieval (1972)
  88. Coptic Knitting: An Ancient Technique (1972)
  89. Course description. In Experimental Archeology 499-E: A sampling (1972)
  90. Das Experiment im Michelsberger Erdwerk in Mayen (1972)
  91. Das Experiment in den Sozialwissenschaften (1972)
  92. Das Töpferhandwerk der Kwoma in Nord-Neuguinea: Beiträge zur Systematik primärer Töpfereiverfahren (1972)
  93. De Papeloze Kerk. Het gereconstrueerde rijkshunebed D49 bij Schoonoord, gemeente Sleen. 6e uitgebreide geïllustreerde druk (1972)
  94. De tog vare på Lejre (1972)
  95. The effect of temperature on protein decay in bone: its significance in nitrogen dating of archaeological specimens (1972)
  96. Ethnographic evidence for the thermal alteration of siliceous stone (1972)
  97. The ethnography of pottery: a Fulani case seen in archaeological perspective (1972)
  98. Experimental Archaeology Newsletter (1972)
  99. Experimental archaeology of the Iron Age (1972)
  100. Experimental attempts to replicate the engraved lines on the stone identified as possibly being Cabrillo's grave marker (1972)
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