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Welcome to the Experimental Archaeology Collection, a place for sharing and preserving data and results of experimental archaeology. The collection is supported by EXARC, the ICOM Affiliated Organisation representing archaeological open-air museums, experimental archaeology, ancient technology, and interpretation. EXARC raises the standard of scientific research and public presentation among our membership through collaborative projects, conferences, and publications.

The collection currently consists of citations from the EXARC bibliography, developed by Dr Roeland Paardekooper, and the collection is managed by Dr Jodi Reeves Eyre. EXARC will add more descriptive information and open access files to many of these citations in the following months. EXARC seeks to work with universities, museums, and researchers to upload their experimental archaeology data, publications, and grey literature into the collection. If you or your institution are interested in contributing materials to the collection, please contact Reeves Eyre at jodireeves[at]exarc.net.

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  1. Das Experiment im Michelsberger Erdwerk in Mayen (1972)
  2. Das Experiment in den Sozialwissenschaften (1972)
  3. Das Töpferhandwerk der Kwoma in Nord-Neuguinea: Beiträge zur Systematik primärer Töpfereiverfahren (1972)
  4. De Papeloze Kerk. Het gereconstrueerde rijkshunebed D49 bij Schoonoord, gemeente Sleen. 6e uitgebreide geïllustreerde druk (1972)
  5. De tog vare på Lejre (1972)
  6. The effect of temperature on protein decay in bone: its significance in nitrogen dating of archaeological specimens (1972)
  7. Ethnographic evidence for the thermal alteration of siliceous stone (1972)
  8. The ethnography of pottery: a Fulani case seen in archaeological perspective (1972)
  9. Experimental Archaeology Newsletter (1972)
  10. Experimental archaeology of the Iron Age (1972)
  11. Experimental attempts to replicate the engraved lines on the stone identified as possibly being Cabrillo's grave marker (1972)
  12. Flint knapping, computers and lithic technology. Paper presented at the 37th annual meeting of the Society for American Archaeology, Bal Harbour (1972)
  13. Fouilles de Pincevent. Essai d'analyse ethnographique d'un habitat Magdalenien (1972)
  14. Frühmittelalterliche Handelsschiffahrt in Mittel- und Nordeuropa (1972)
  15. Gut - en stenalderdreng (1972)
  16. A history of woodworking tools (1972)
  17. The Horniman Museum Kiln experiment at Highgate Wood. Part 1 and 2 (1972)
  18. Hvad man bruger en "Oldtidsby" til (1972)
  19. An introduction to flintworking. Part 1. An introduction to the technology of stone tools (1972)
  20. Ironmaking in a Roman furnace (1972)
  21. Kabul: the Bagh-t Babur. A project and research into the possibilities of a complete reconstruction (1972)
  22. A középkori Magyarország rotundái (1972)
  23. Lithic technology: an introductory bibliography (1972)
  24. Mechanical basis of percussion flaking (1972)
  25. A medieval Skin Boat (1972)
  26. The metal workshops on Helgö. Excavations at Helgö IV (1972)
  27. Models and paradigms in contemporary Archaeology (1972)
  28. Models in archaeology (1972)
  29. A new look at cordmarked pottery (1972)
  30. Obtention de lames par débitage "sous le pied" (1972)
  31. On the life span of pottery, type frequencies, and archaeological inference (1972)
  32. Partial recovery and sample bias: the results of some sieving experiments (1972)
  33. Primitive bone fracturing: a method of research (1972)
  34. Primitive pottery (1972)
  35. Primitive shoes: an archaeological-ethnological study based upon shoe finds from the Jutland peninsula (1972)
  36. The problem of reconstructing an Afro-iberian ship from the neolithic age (1972)
  37. Probleme des spätpaläolithischen Zeltbaues (1972)
  38. Problems in reconstructing Roman armour (1972)
  39. The Ra Expeditions (1972)
  40. Schleuder und Bogen in Südwestasien: von den frühesten Belegen bis zum Beginn der historischen Stadtstaaten (1972)
  41. The science of ceramic machining and surface finishing. 1 (1972)
  42. Skansens handbok i värden av gamla byggnader (1972)
  43. Some Main Trends in the Development of the Lejre-Center (1972)
  44. Studien zur technologischen Völkerkunde und zur Töpferei der Kwoma in Nord-Neuguinea (1972)
  45. Systematische Bestandsaufnahme der Töpfereitraditionen in Spanien (1972)
  46. Tabla and atlatl: two unusual wooden artefacts from Baja California (1972)
  47. A Tale of Two Caves (1972)
  48. Technisches zum Wendelring von Klein Kreuz (1972)
  49. Terrain coefficients for energy cost prediction (1972)
  50. Terrain coefficients for energy cost prediction (1972)
  51. Textilhandwerk in West-Afrika (1972)
  52. Textilien aus Westafrika (1972)
  53. Waldlehrpfad Köln-Brück (1972)
  54. We, the navigators: the ancient art of landfinding in the Pacific (1972)
  55. What mean these stones?: ethno-taxonomic models and archaeological interpretations in the New Guinea Highlands (1972)
  56. Yoruba pottery making techniques (1972)
  57. Zur Beurteilung von Kohlenstoffverfärbungen bei Leichenbränden (1972)
  58. 50 Jahre Pfahlbauten im Freilichtmuseum deutscher Vorzeit am Bodensee (1973)
  59. African dress: a select and annotated bibliography of Subsaharan countries (1973)
  60. Ancient skins, parchments and leather (1973)
  61. Archaeology and ethnography (1973)
  62. Archaeology by experiment (1973)
  63. Archaeology in the active voice: the New Anthropology (1973)
  64. Australopithicus: Chopper and #1 shelter (1973)
  65. Australopithicus: Trip to the river (1973)
  66. Back- und Töpferöfen der jüngeren Steinzeit aus Schleswig-Holstein (1973)
  67. Bespiegeling over de constructie van een bandceramisch huis (1973)
  68. Bibliography of archaeology 1: experiments, lithic technology and petrography (1973)
  69. Casting Copper and Bronze into Stone Moulds (1973)
  70. The Charcoal Iron Industry and its Fuel, 1540-1750 (1973)
  71. Clasp buttons (1973)
  72. A consideration of the thermal pretreament of chert (1973)
  73. Contemporary Wanigela pottery (1973)
  74. The cultural dimensions of pottery: ceramics as social documents (1973)
  75. Danish experiments with furnaces with slag pit (1973)
  76. Defending Framlingham castle (1973)
  77. Der Guss von Kleingerät, dargestellt an Funden aus provinzialrömischen Werkstätten (1973)
  78. The development of axe hafting (1973)
  79. Die Berber-Keramik: am Beispiel der Orte Afir, Merkalla, Taher, Tiberguent und Roknia (1973)
  80. Die Schmelzversuche in der Methodik der Erforschung des Rennverfahrens (1973)
  81. Die Textil- und Lederfunde der Grabung Feddersen Wierde (1973)
  82. Die Versuchsschmelzen und ihr Beitrag für die Metallurgie des Eisens und dessen Geschichte. (published as internal print by the Museum zu Allerheiligen, Schaffhausen and the archaeological institute of the Academy of Sciences, Prague. (Contributions to th (1973)
  83. Direkter Ablauf des Rennverfahrens oder Ablauf über das Zwischenprodukt Roheisen? (1973)
  84. Drei eisenzeitliche Ofenanlagen aus der Gemarkung Regesbostel, Kreis Harburg (1973)
  85. Dymarski piec szybowy (typu kotlinkowego) w Europie starozytnej [with French summary: Four siderurgique du type à creuset en Europe ancienne] (1973)
  86. Edge abrasion during biface manufacture (1973)
  87. An empirical test for Steward's model of Great Basin settlement patterns (1973)
  88. Empty (1973)
  89. En Folkevandring i jernalderen (1973)
  90. Essays sur la reduction des minerais du fer par la tourbe et la possibilité de nitruration (1973)
  91. Excavations on the Site of the Baths Basilica at Wroxeter 1966-73 (1973)
  92. Experimental archaeology: a new outlook (1973)
  93. Experimental Romano-British kiln firings (1973)
  94. Experiments in replicating Hohokam points (1973)
  95. Experiments with edge angels in hafted stone axes (1973)
  96. Explanation in archaeology: a computer experiment (1973)
  97. Farm tools through the ages (1973)
  98. Flint workshop debitage (1973)
  99. The flintknapper's raw materials (1973)
  100. Function testing of the denticulate (1973)