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Welcome to the Experimental Archaeology Collection, a place for sharing and preserving data and results of experimental archaeology. The collection is supported by EXARC, the ICOM Affiliated Organisation representing archaeological open-air museums, experimental archaeology, ancient technology, and interpretation. EXARC raises the standard of scientific research and public presentation among our membership through collaborative projects, conferences, and publications.

The collection currently consists of citations from the EXARC bibliography, developed by Dr Roeland Paardekooper, and the collection is managed by Dr Jodi Reeves Eyre. EXARC will add more descriptive information and open access files to many of these citations in the following months. EXARC seeks to work with universities, museums, and researchers to upload their experimental archaeology data, publications, and grey literature into the collection. If you or your institution are interested in contributing materials to the collection, please contact Reeves Eyre at jodireeves[at]exarc.net.

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  1. Design and construction of Australian spearthrower projectiles and handthrown spears (1977)
  2. Die Gräberfunde von Valsgärde III. Valsgärde 7 (1977)
  3. Die jungpaläolithischen Speerschleudern, Unpubl. Seminararbeit (1977)
  4. Die Technik der Töpfer in Sri Lanka (1977)
  5. Die Tragkiepe aus dem Bergwerk von Hallstatt. Beobachtungen zur Anfertigung und Rekonstruktion (1977)
  6. The Downpatrick Bloom (1977)
  7. The early history of agriculture (1977)
  8. The effectiveness of greek armour against arrows in the Persian Wat (490-479 BC): an interdisciplinary enquiry (1977)
  9. Ein Buch von alten Farben. Technologien der Textilfärbung im Mittelalter (1977)
  10. Ein Experiment zur Töpferei (1977)
  11. Ein Schmelzversuch im eisenzeitlichen Rennfeuerofen zur Deutung von Ausgrabungsergebnissen auf der Geest (1977)
  12. Einführung in die Siedlungsarchäologie (1977)
  13. Einige Aspekte der Geweihverarbeitung in Haithabu (1977)
  14. Einige Bemerkungen über das altertümliche Eisenhüttenwesen im Burgenland (1977)
  15. Ethnoarchaeology of Hopi and Hopi-Tewa pottery-making: styles of learning (1977)
  16. Ethnoarchaeology, or where do models come from?: a closer look at Australian aboriginal lithic technology (1977)
  17. Ethnoarchaeology: a discussion of methods and applications (1977)
  18. Ethnologische Aspekte zum Begriff "Dorf" (1977)
  19. Etudes experimentales sur l'attelage (1977)
  20. The excavation of mud structures: an experiment from West Africa (1977)
  21. An experimental approach to the function of Classic Maya chultuns (1977)
  22. Experimental archaeology (1977)
  23. Experimental archaeology at the Butser Ancient Farm Research Project (1977)
  24. Experimental archaeology: theory and principles (1977)
  25. Experimental investigations in hurdle making (1977)
  26. Experimental investigations of hardhammer percussion flaking (1977)
  27. An experimental study of iron-smelting techniques used in the South African iron age (1977)
  28. An experimental study of microwear traces on selected British palaeolithic implements (Doct.Diss.) (1977)
  29. An experimental study of the morphological characteristics of tool marks (1977)
  30. Experiments in the firing and breaking of rocks (1977)
  31. Experiments in upper palaeolithic bone work (1977)
  32. Fabrication expérimentale d'outils á partir de métapodes de mouton et de tibias de lapin (1977)
  33. Fellboote in Vergangenheit und Gegenwart (1977)
  34. Flätade band (1977)
  35. The food crisis in prehistory (1977)
  36. For theory building in archaeology (1977)
  37. Formulating and firing glaze paint, a project in experimental archaeology (1977)
  38. The functions of palaeolithic flint tools (1977)
  39. The Garbage Project: A New Way of Looking at the Problems of Archaeology (1977)
  40. High speed capability of ancient boats (1977)
  41. An Historical Experiment in Anthropological Settlement (1977)
  42. Hunters, gatherers and first farmers beyond Europe: an archaeological survey (1977)
  43. Hypothetical reconstruction and the naval architect (1977)
  44. Hypothetical reconstructions in boat archaeology (1977)
  45. Ilden og Sneen (1977)
  46. The individual in prehistory: studies of variability in style in prehistoric technologies (1977)
  47. Interpreting our Heritage (1977)
  48. Introduction (1977)
  49. Iron working at Meroë, Sudan (1977)
  50. Kriegswesen: Schutzwaffen und Wehrbauten (1977)
  51. La fabrication des aiguilles à chas. Observation et expérimentation (1977)
  52. Life expectancy of utilitarian pottery in Tzintzuntzan, Michoacán, Mexico (1977)
  53. Living floor area and marital residence: a replication (1977)
  54. The Master Builders (1977)
  55. Material culture: styles, organization, and dynamics of technology (1977)
  56. Microwear analysis of experimental flint tools: a test case (1977)
  57. Models for deriving cultural information from stone tools (1977)
  58. Monument building: some field experiments (1977)
  59. Neue Grabungen frühgeschichtlicher Eisenhüttenplätze in der Tschechoslowakei und die Bedeutung des Schachtofens für die Entwicklung des Schmelzvorganges (1977)
  60. Observations of modern human settlements as an aid to archaeological interpretation. Ph.D. Dissertation (1977)
  61. The obtuse angle as a functional edge (1977)
  62. On Fluting Folsoms: Notes on Recent Experiments (1977)
  63. Operational Guidelines for the Implementation of the World Heritage Convention (revised 1992) (1977)
  64. Optimal foraging: theory and experiment (1977)
  65. Origins of agriculture (1977)
  66. Parade and display: experiments in Bronze Age Europe (1977)
  67. Pottemagere (1977)
  68. Predicting energy expenditure with loads while standing or walking very slowly (1977)
  69. Prehistoric archaeology and the problem of ethnocognition (1977)
  70. The prehistoric village at Lejre (1977)
  71. Preliminary Report on the Brendan Project (1977)
  72. Préhistoire du feu (1977)
  73. The Recalibration of a Paradigm for the First Peopling of Greater Australia (1977)
  74. Reconstitution d'une maison néolithique à Cuiry-les-Chaudardes, Fouilles Protohistoriques de la Vallée de L'Aisne, Paris I (1977)
  75. A replica of a Romano-British, above ground, turf-built, pottery kiln (Experimental archaeology in school) 1977 (1977)
  76. Report on a replicative experiment in manufacture and use of Western Desert micro-adzes (1977)
  77. A Romano-British pottery kiln at Claxby, Lincolnshire: excavation, discussion and experimental firings (1977)
  78. Sources and Techniques in Boat Archaeology (1977)
  79. Steinzeitliches Feuerschlagen: ein experimenteller Beitrag zur Archäologie (1977)
  80. Stone shares of ploughing implements from the Bronze Age of Syria (1977)
  81. A study of cross-hatched gold foils in Anglo-Saxon jewellery (1977)
  82. Survival properties of organic residues through the human digestive tract (1977)
  83. System of analytical archaeography (1977)
  84. Technologische Beziehungen zwischen der frühgeschichtlichen Kupfer- und Eisenmetallurgie (1977)
  85. Testing of materials as used for bone points of the upper Palaeolithic (1977)
  86. The voyage of the Brendan (1977)
  87. Voyaging canoes and the settlement of Polynesia (1977)
  88. Експерименталныи метод в арчеологии (1978)
  89. Експерименталныи анализ и ыего место в методике и теории аркхеологии (1978)
  90. 15 Jahre "New Archaeology": eine kritische Übersicht (1978)
  91. African traditional architecture (1978)
  92. The 'archaeo-ethnology of hunter-gatherers' or the tyranny of the ethnographic record in archaeology (1978)
  93. Archaeology and the origins of social stratification in Southern Bougainville (1978)
  94. Archaeology beyond anthropology (1978)
  95. Archaeology by experiment: a research tool for tomorrow (1978)
  96. Archäologisches Freilichtmuseum Oerlinghausen (1978)
  97. Archäometrie - Physiker schreiben die Geschichte neu (1978)
  98. Attisch geometrische Schalen: eine spätgeometrische Keramikgattung und ihre Beziehungen zum Orient (1978)
  99. Aus Jägern und Sammlern werden Bauern: ein museumsdidaktisches Unterrichtseinheit zur Sequenz Vorgeschichte (1978)
  100. Behavioral variability and organization in ancient constructions: an experimental approach (1978)