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The Wenner-Gren Foundation has formed a partnership with the Center for Digital Antiquity to offer a resource for prospective applicants and others interested in the work we’ve funded. The Wenner-Gren Collection contains successful grant proposals from our various programs. Our grantees have generously contributed these documents to assist other scholars. Some also contributed earlier iterations of their applications so you can track improvements to their work. Please do not cite any of these proposals without the author’s permission.

There are two ways to search within this collection. You can use the large search field on the banner above (directly below our name). You can also consult the child collections, listed on the righthand panel, which contain grant applications grouped by type. The collection in its entirety is listed below.

More information about our grants and fellowships and instructions on how to apply for them can be found here https://wennergren.org/.

The Center for Digital Antiquity is an organization dedicated to preserving and making accessible digital cultural heritage. This mission is fulfilled through the use of tDAR, the Digital Archaeological Record, a digital repository run by the Center for Digital Antiquity that preserves and makes accessible archaeological and cultural heritage in an easy to use web-based platform. tDAR has other collections that you may find helpful. Please use the following keywords or the small search field on the upper right corner of this page to search the repository as a whole.

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