An Archeological Overview and Assessment of the Ozarks National Scenic Riverways, Missouri

Author(s): Fred A. Finney

Year: 2006


In 1964 Congress authorized Ozark National Scenic Riverways (OZAR) and the park was officially established in 1972. It is one of the initial eight wild and scenic rivers designated by the federal government. OZAR encompasses a linear corridor along ca. 241 km (ca. 150 miles) of the Current and Jack Fork Rivers in the Ozark Highlands of southeast Missouri.

The park contains a variety of prehistoric and historic archeological resources. A total of 480 sites are recorded in the files of either the Midwest Archeological Center (MW AC), State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) Historic Preservation Program (HPP) at the Missouri Department of Natural Resources, Archaeological Survey of Missouri (ASM) at the University of Missouri (UMC), Missouri Archaeological Society (MAS), or OZAR as of September 2005. These sites were discovered and recorded in the course of cultural resource management (CRM) projects, university and museum-sponsored research, as well as those initially noted by nineteenth-century explorers and early settlers. Finally, this project's review of the historical documentation indicates that unverified prehistoric and historic sites are believed to exist inside the park. Despite this corpus of knowledge, large extents of the park still remain unexamined for archeological sites.

Briefly, this report outlines the culture history of the OZAR region along the upper and middle Current River and lacks Fork River, names the most important written references, and identifies the artifact repositories. All archeological investigations conducted within the OZAR boundaries are specified in the report. The bibliography contains all references cited in the text, all archeological reports for work in OZAR, the county histories and atlases for counties in the park, selected archeological citations for surrounding regions and other related topics, e.g., historical and geological publications. The history of archeological research is summarized with the next section. It provides an historical perspective on fieldwork in OZAR. This section includes pre-park activities and documentation from adjacent areas as necessary. The subsequent chapter on the archeological site database only includes individual descriptions for selected sites. These descriptions are drawn from the site forms, CRM reports, and other published and manuscript sources. A review of the entire archeological site database revealed examples of contradictory, incomplete, or missing data that needed correction whenever possible. Figures and tables are used to include site-specific data relevant to this report. The radiocarbon dates listed in this report are uncalibrated. A series of diagnostic artifacts from the park are illustrated for each prehistoric cultural stage.

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23SH00018 23SH00019 23SH00021 23SH00022 23SH00023 23SH00024 23SH00025 23SH00027 23SH00028 23SH00029 23SH00030 23SH00031 23SH00032 23SH00033 23SH00034 23SH00035 23SH00036 23SH00037 23SH00038 23SH00039 23SH0004 23SH00040 23SH00042 23SH00043 23SH00044 23SH00045 23SH00049 23SH0005 23SH00050 23SH00051 23SH00052 23SH00056 23SH00057 23SH00058 23SH00059 23SH0006 23SH00060 23SH00061 23SH00062 23SH00063 23SH00064 23SH00065 23SH0007 23SH00070 23SH00071 23SH00072 23SH00073 23SH00074 23SH00075 23SH00076 23SH00077 23SH00078 23SH00079 23SH0008 23SH00080 23SH00081 23SH00082 23SH00083 23SH00084 23SH00093 23SH00094 23SH00096 23SH00097 23SH00098 23SH00099 23SH00100 23SH00101 23SH00102 23SH00103 23SH00104 23SH00105 23SH00106 23SH00107 23SH00108 23SH00109 23SH00110/191 23SH00111 23SH00113 23SH00114 23SH00115 23SH00116 23SH00117 23SH00118 23SH00119 23SH00120 23SH00121 23SH00122 23SH00127 23SH00128 23SH00129 23SH00130 23SH00131 23SH00132 23SH00133 23SH00134 23SH00139 23SH00140 23SH00141 23SH00142 23SH00143 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23SH00261 23SH00262 23SH00263 23SH00264 23SH00265 23SH00266 23SH00267 23SH00268 23SH00269 23SH00270 23SH00271 23SH00272 23SH00273 23SH00274 23SH00275 23SH00276 23SH00277 23SH00278 23SH00279 23SH00280 23SH00281 23SH00282 23SH00283 23SH00284 23SH00327 23SH00328 23SH00329 23SH00330 23SH00333 23SH00342 23SH10 23SH101 23SH104 23SH109 23SH11 23SH159 23SH19 23SH23 23SH-8-17-94-1 23SH94 23TE00051 Acorn Slough Akers Ferry Akers Grouse Pit Alley Branch Alley Mill Alley Spring Roller Mill Angela Cook Art's Baltz Place Banks Ford Bannerstone Baptist Access Overflow Parking Barrel Brand Baum and Jack Mill Bay Branch Natural Arch Bay Creek Landing Beaver Dam Beaver Wood Benton Hollow Big Camp Big Debbie Big Goose Bay Big K Big Oak Big Point Big Rick Big Shawnee Big Spring Picnic Big Three Cave Big Tom Bill Hollow Bingo Bland Farm Bland Tract Blooming Prickly Pear Cactus Blue Spring Cornfield Blue Spring Mill Blue Spring Picnic Blue Spring Trail Site Blufftop Cabin Booming Shoal Boyds Creek Boyds Creek Cairn Brandt Branson Cave Briar Spring Broadfoot Cemetery Broadfoot Powerline Site Broken Boat Broken Oak Buck Hollow Buffington Bulldozed Bulldozed Cabin Bunch Cemetery Bunker Hill Cave Buttin Rock Road Buttin Rock School Buzzard Bluff Buzzard Bluff North Cabbage Patch Balloon Campbell Farm Camp Lincoln Capps Hollow Cardareva School Cardinal Acres Cave Spring Mill CCC Camp 1710 CCC Camp 734 CCC Camp Dump Cedargrove Cemetery Cedargrove Garden Cedargrove Terrace Cedargrove Townsite Cemetery Vista Chambers Cave Cherry Branch Chilton Community and Depot Chilton-Williams Farm Chubb Hollow Chubb Hollow Extension Clay Bank Cave Clean Sweep Collins Cemetery Copperhead Cotton Farm Coyote Crazy Canoe Culpepper Culpepper Cemetery Culpepper-Pummil Current River Railroad Grade Dances with Grasshoppers D-Day Deatherage Mill Dee Maggard Dee Maggard Grouse Plot Deer Run Deer Stampede DENT-22 Devils Well Diehl's Resort Don Powell Hilltop Don Powell Trail Dyer Cemetery Dyer Ridge Top Ebb and Flow Spring Site End of Field Fanchier Fanchier Cemetery Fishing Pole Flat Rock Creek Flintstone Fonda Burritos Fonda Deer Fonda Taco Fursman Spring Fursman Spring Site Gladden Creek Grouse Plot Gnat Alley Woods Good Karma Goose Bay West Gooseneck Gott Cabin Site Granite Quarry Cave Grassy Grassy Creek Stone Wall Grouse Habitat Grubb Hall Hollow Cemetery Haris Spring Harrison-Randolph Farm Hasta Lovista Hay Baler Heartbreak Hill Shelter Hilltop Hodge Hooper Hollow Howell Cabin Hurry Home Isaac Kelly Isaac Kelly Farmstead Jacks Fork Stone Wall Jerktail/Many Forks Jerktail Site John Chilton Cemetery John Chilton Settlement Johnny Hollow Rock Shelter Johnson Farm Jones Cabin Keathley Keaton Kelley Cemetery Kelley Farm Kelley Hollow Kelly Cemetery Lancastor Landis Leatherwood Leo Anderson Culpepper Lesh Lilapution Limekiln Cave Lipps-Moyer Little Debbie Little Goose Bay Little Ricky Little Ursula Little Vickie Log Hollow Logyard Cabin Logyard Campground Loop Cave Lost Camper Lost Map Lower Blackwell Lower Conrad - Horse Hollow Lower Field Lower Grassy Cemetery Lower Meeting House Cave Lower Parker Lower Parker School Mac Campbell Maggard Cabin Mark Chilton Cemetery Mark Chilton Settlement McCormac McCormac-Brewer McCormac Place McDonald Cave Meeting House Cave Mill Creek Mill Creek Terrace Mill Mountain Mosquito Ville Mouth of Grassy Mouth of Rocky Mouth of Rough Creek Muddy Paw Nichols Farm District Night Crawler No Good Luck Not Enough Time No TV Old Eminence Old Houseplace Old Man Fishing Old Orchard Old Pulltite Store Opposite Sinking Orange Spider Overlook Owls Bend Owls Bend Road OZAR94-2 OZAR94-3 OZAR94-4 Ozark National Scenic Riverways Panther Spring Parker Cabin Partney Partney Farm Partney Farm Blacksmith Shop Patton-Heiney Spring/Cemetery Peavine Road Pesty Bug Phillips Bay Mill Pinnacle Bluff Cave Pinoak Pistol Barrel Hollow Playful Squirrel Poison Ivy Cave Polly's Porter 1 Possum Hollow Powder Mill Powder Mill Bridge Pulltite Pulltite Cabin Pulltite Caims Pulltite Group Camp Pulltite Grouse Plot Pulltite Mill Pulltite Ridge Road Pulltite Tram Quartzite Ramsey South Reed Log House Rhymers Rhymers Ridgetop Roberts Rocky Creek Crossing Rocky Falls Rocky Falls Cabin Round Spring Round Spring Boat Landing Round Spring Grotto Round Spring Housing Round Spring Mill RS-1 Rufie Nichols Shelter Rusty Can Rymer Cave Rymer Landing Cave Rymer Spring Cave Rymer Spring Shelter Sacred Snake Scenic View Schwartz Farm Seven Turkeys Shannon County Hunting and Fishing Shawnee Creek Shelton Hollow SHN-1 SHN-10 SHN-105 SHN-11 SHN-12 SHN-13 SHN-14 SHN-15 SHN-16 SHN-17 SHN-18 SHN-19 SHN-2 SHN-20 SHN-21 SHN-23 SHN-24 SHN-25 SHN-26 SHN-27 SHN-271 SHN-279 SHN-29 SHN-3 SHN-30 SHN-335 SHN-4 SHN-5 SHN-6 SHN-7 SHN-8 SHN-9 SHN-94-1 SHN-94-3 SHN-94-4 SHN-94-5 SHN-94-9 SHN-95-13 SHN-95-18 SHN-95-22 SHN-95-33 SHN-95-48 SHN-96-1 SHN-96-13 SHN-96-14 SHN-96-33 SHN-96-8 SHN-97-1 SHN-97-3 Shockley Shut Ins Sinking Creek/Lost Trowel Sleeping Fawn Small Hollow Sorta Kinda Spring Creek Spring Valley Dalton Standing Rock Cave Steel Trap Shelter Stick Snake Sticky Wood Stinging Nettle Stone Wall Cave Stuck Again Sunset Cave Sycamore Tree Teddy O'Glenn Terrace Terrapin Hollow Terror Road The Gulley Thin End Thorny Creek Tom Martin Too Far Too Tired Tornado Alley Torrential Rains Trail Ride Camp Twin Caves Twin Cedars Cave Twin Pines Twin Rocks Site Two Flake Cave Two Rivers Upper Blackwell Upper Parker South Upper Park North Walled Cave Walter Klepzig Mill and Farm Weese Cemetery Welch Cave Complex Welch Lodge Wet Dog Wildwood Park Willard Knuckles Williams Ford Cave Woodpecker Wood Woods Mill Show More

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Contact(s): Anne Vawser

Principal Investigator(s): Fred A. Finney

Project Director(s): Fred A. Finney

Prepared By(s): Upper Midwest Archaeology

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