Cultural Resources Survey Vol. 2, Part A, Survey of 7256 Acres of Timber Harvest Area at Strom Thurmond Lake 1995-1996


Panamerican Consultants, Inc., archaeologically surveyed approximately 2936.5 hectares (ha) [7,256 acres (ac)] in response to a Scope of Work for Cultural Resources Survey of a timber harvest area adjacent to Thurmond Lake, McCormick County, South Carolina. The District Forester for Thurmond Lake requested that a cultural resources survey be conducted in compliance with the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966, as amended, executive Order 11593 (Protection and Enhancement of the Cultural Environment), and the Archaeological and Historic Preservation Act of 1974.

Fieldwork took place between the middle of February at the end of May, 1995, for a total of approximately 65 working days. The purpose of the project was designed to locate and assess the significance of cultural resources within the project area by means of an intensive and systematic cultural resources survey.

The scope of work called for intensive pedestrian survey and subsurface testing in order to locate cultural resources, determine their horizontal and vertical boundaries, stratigraphy, integrity, and cultural association, and evaluate their research potential. A total of 10,197 shovel tests were excavated, including 556 that produced cultural material. The remainder either produced negative results (6,691) or were not excavated (2,956) due to disturbances, such as push piles or roads, slopes greater than 15%, standing water or surface visibility greater than 40%. Shovel tests averaged 30 centimeters (cm) (11.8 inches [in]) in diameter and were excavated to a minimum of 30 cm (11.8in), unless precluded by subsoil (clay), impenetrable roots, or rocks. A total volume of approximately 155.3148 cubic meters (m3) was excavated by shovel testing during this survey project.

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Cultural Resources Survey Vol. 2, Part A, Survey of 7256 Acres of Timber Harvest Area at Strom Thurmond Lake 1995-1996. Jennifer Grover, Terry L. Lolley. 1996 ( tDAR id: 440687) ; doi:10.6067/XCV82N5546


Late Archaic Late Woodland Middle Archaic Middle Woodland Mississippian Woodland

Site Name
38MC1106 38MC1107 38MC1108 38MC1109 38MC1110 38MC1111 38MC1112 38MC1113 38MC1114 38MC1115 38MC1116 38MC1117 38MC1118 38MC1119 38MC1120 38MC1121 38MC1122 38MC1123 38MC1124 38MC1125 38MC1126 38MC1127 38MC1128 38MC1129 38MC1130 38MC1131 38MC1132 38MC1133 38MC1134 38MC1135 38MC1136 38MC1137 38MC1138 38MC1139 38MC1140 38MC1141 38MC1142 38MC1143 38MC1144 38MC1145 38MC1146 38MC1147 38MC1148 38MC1149 38MC1150 38MC1151 38MC1152 38MC1153 38MC1154 38MC1155 38MC1156 38MC1157 38MC1158 38MC1159 38MC1160 38MC1161 38MC1162 38MC1163 38MC1164 38MC1165 38MC1166 38MC1167 38MC1168 38MC1169 38MC1170 38MC1171 38MC1172 38MC1173 38MC1174 38MC1175 38MC1176 38MC1177 38MC1178 38MC1179 38MC1180 38MC1181 38MC1182 38MC1183 38MC1184 38MC1185 38MC1186 38MC1187 38MC1188 38MC1189 38MC1190 38MC1191 38MC1192 38MC1193 38MC1194 38MC1195 38MC1196 38MC1197 38MC1198 38MC1199 38MC1200 38MC1201 38MC1202 38MC1203 38MC1204 38MC1205 38MC1206 38MC1207 38MC1208 38MC1209 38MC1210 38MC1211 38MC1212 38MC1213 38MC1214 38MC1215 38MC1216 38MC1217 38MC1218 38MC1219 38MC1220 38MC1221 38MC1222 38MC1223 38MC1224 38MC1225 38MC1226 38MC1227 38MC1228 38MC1229 38MC1230 38MC1231 38MC1232 38MC1233 38MC1234 38MC1235 38MC1236 38MC1237 38MC1238 38MC1239 38MC1240 38MC1241 38MC1242 38MC1243 38MC1244 38MC1245 38MC1246 38MC1247 38MC1248 38MC1249 38MC1250 38MC1251 38MC1253 38MC1254 38MC1257 38MC493 38MC974 38MC976 Show More

Investigation Types
Heritage Management Reconnaissance / Survey

Spatial Coverage

min long: -82.623; min lat: 33.651 ; max long: -82.161; max lat: 34 ;

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Delivery Order No.(s): 0016

Contract No.(s): DACW21-93-D-0040


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