Archaeological and Ethnohistorical Survey at Tennessee Colony Lake 1975

Author(s): Jeffrey J. Richner; Reed Lee

Year: 1977


Archaeological investigations at Tennessee Colony Lake in 1975 were directed toward examining site distributions and densities within a variety of survey sampling strata. Utilizing data derived from the 1974 transect survey to refine field and analysis procedures, a series of 52 quadrats were surveyed as a part of this phase. In all 46 sites that were located, sites shed considerable light on the locations, differences, and similarities in prehistoric, protohistoric, and historic land-use practices.

These data were subsequently utilized to suggest appropriate management actions and pose viable avenues for future archaeological research in the project area. It was recommended that additional survey and testing was necessary in order to derive a sample such that responsible projections of site density and location could be made. In addition control of the site chronology within the impact zones was recognized as a critical precondition to substantive studies of settlement and subsistence research.

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Archaeological and Ethnohistorical Survey at Tennessee Colony Lake 1975. Jeffrey J. Richner, Reed Lee. 1977 ( tDAR id: 447051) ; doi:10.6067/XCV8447051


Archaic Early Archaic Euroamerican Historic Historic Native American Late Archaic Middle Archaic PaleoIndian Spanish Woodland

Building Materials Ceramic Chipped Stone Fauna Fire Cracked Rock Glass Ground Stone Macrobotanical Metal Mineral Ochre Shell Wood

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Acker Airhart Airtaker Site Buffalo Site Cook Cox's Bluff Site Edwards Site Goode Lindsey Steck Site Tyus Site Wild Bull Site Wildcat X41AN11 X41AN12 X41AN13 X41AN14 X41AN15 X41AN16 X41AN17 X41AN18 X41AN19 X41AN20 X41AN21 X41AN22 X41AN23 X41AN24 X41AN25 X41FT1 X41FT10 X41FT11 X41FT12 X41FT13 X41FT14 X41FT15 X41FT16 X41FT17 X41FT18 X41FT19 X41FT2 X41FT20 X41FT21 X41FT22 X41FT23 X41FT24 X41FT25 X41FT26 X41FT27 X41FT28 X41FT29 X41FT3 X41FT30 X41FT31 X41FT32 X41FT33 X41FT34 X41FT35 X41FT36 X41FT37 X41FT38 X41FT4 X41FT5 X41FT6 X41FT7 X41FT8 X41FT9 X41HE57 X41HE58 X41HE59 X41HE60 X41HE61 X41HE62 X41HE63 X41HE64 X41HE65 X41HE66 X41HE67 X41HE68 X41HE69 X41HE70 X41HE71 X41HE72 X41HE73 X41HE74 X41HE75 X41HE76 X41HE77 X41HE78 X41HE79 X41HE80 X41HE81 X41HE82 X41HE83 X41HE84 X41HE85 X41HE86 X41HE87 X41NV10 X41NV11 X41NV12 X41NV13 X41NV14 X41NV15 X41NV16 X41NV17 X41NV18 X41NV19 X41NV2 X41NV20 X41NV21 X41NV22 X41NV23 X41NV24 X41NV25 X41NV26 X41NV27 X41NV28 X41NV29 X41NV3 X41NV30 X41NV31 X41NV32 X41NV33 X41NV34 X41NV35 X41NV36 X41NV37 X41NV38 X41NV39 X41NV4 X41NV40 X41NV41 X41NV42 X41NV43 X41NV44 X41NV45 X41NV46 X41NV47 X41NV48 X41NV49 X41NV5 X41NV50 X41NV51 X41NV52 X41NV53 X41NV54 X41NV55 X41NV56 X41NV57 X41NV58 X41NV59 X41NV6 X41NV60 X41NV61 X41NV62 X41NV63 X41NV66 X41NV67 X41NV68 X41NV69 X41NV7 X41NV70 X41NV71 X41NV72 X41NV73 X41NV74 X41NV75 X41NV76 X41NV77 X41NV78 X41NV79 X41NV8 X41NV80 X41NV81 X41NV82 X41NV83 X41NV84 X41NV85 X41NV86 X41NV87 X41NV88 X41NV89 X41NV9 X41NV90 X41NV91 X41NV92 X41NV93 X41NV94 X41NV95 X41NV96 X41NV97 X41NV98 X41NV99 Show More

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Agricultural or Herding Archaeological Feature Bridge Cemetery Domestic Structure or Architectural Complex Encampment Ferry Funerary and Burial Structures or Features Hamlet / Village Midden Resource Extraction / Production / Transportation Structure or Features Road, Trail, and Related Structures or Features Settlements Town / City

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min long: -96.567; min lat: 31.468 ; max long: -95.611; max lat: 32.451 ;

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Contract(s): CX700050237

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