Fred White

Archaeological Institute of America

Dr. F. Ashley White

American archaeologist, art historian and surgeon. Clinical assistant professor at the University of Florida and a distinguished scholar in bioarchaeology. United States Congressional Honors and international and royal recognition for important archaeological discoveries including a knighthood for services to history. Expert in the recovery and conservation of human remains and material cultural artifacts. Degrees from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and East Carolina University and worked as a researcher at Duke University and the East Carolina University School of Medicine. Served on the prestigious Governing Board of the Archaeological Institute of America, founded in 1879 and chartered by the United States Congress. Worked with the AIA Cultural Heritage Policy Committee at Boston University which is comprised of the world’s top art historians that are responsible for investigating and responding to issues concerning the illicit trade in stolen art and antiquities. Also a member of the International Committee of the Blue Shield for the protection of the world’s cultural heritage, and served on the Advisory Board and the Collections and Acquisitions Committee for The Appleton Museum of Art. Completed doctorate level forensic anthropology training and has three decades of field research exploring some of the world’s most sensitive archaeological sites in Asia including Russia, China, and India, The Middle East including Egypt, Turkey, Israel, including the West Bank and disputed conflict areas of Syria, Jordan, and Lebanon, North and Sub Sahara Africa, The majority of European Union countries in addition England, Scotland, and Ireland, as well Central and South America including the Amazon Basin.

Director of the Florida Archaeological Survey

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