Hartgen Archeological Associates, Inc.


This is a collection of documents, images, and data sets produced by the archaeologists of Hartgen Archeological Associates, Inc., a Cultural Resource Management (CRM) firm based in Albany, New York.

Hartgen is a CRM firm with critical strengths and capabilities. Hartgen helps its clients comply with the complex state and federal regulations that surround cultural resources. The firm's fully qualified archeologists provide services across the spectrum of cultural resource management, from archeological surveys to architectural histories.

The firm is the Northeast's largest private cultural resource firm; it is able to mobilize staff to complete projects with exceptional speed. The firm has a long-standing team of about 25 project management staff, with a single point of contact for each client and is able to provide the personal attention that every project requires.

The material in this collection focuses on archaeological investigations of different parts of the city of Albany, NY.

Institution Members

  • Heckman Benjamin
  • Lori Blair
  • Russell Bradley
  • Elizabeth Gregory
  • Benjamin Heckman
  • Thomas R. Jamison
  • Matthew Kirk
  • Adam Luscier
  • Corey McQuinn
  • Bradley Russell
  • Walter Wheeler

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