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General Resources from the Long Term Vulnerability and Transformation Project
PROJECT Margaret Nelson. National Science Foundation.

Long-Term Coupled Socioecological Change in the American Southwest and Northern Mexico: Each generation transforms an inherited social and environmental world and leaves it as a legacy to succeeding generations. Long-term interactions among social and ecological processes give rise to complex dynamics on multiple temporal and spatial scales – cycles of change followed by relative stasis, followed by change. Within the cycles are understandable patterns and irreducible uncertainties; neither...

Peru: Incidents of Travel and Exploration in the Land of the Incas (1877)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Ephraim George Squier.

"Peru: Incidents and Exploration in the Land of the Incas" is E. George Squier's detailed account of his extensive travels in Peru and his investigation of many large archaeological sites during his appointment as US Commissioner to Peru in the mid-1860's. The main objective of Squier's work was, as he professed, to "illustrat[e] Inca civilization from its exisiting monuments" (Squier 1877: 4). The following excerpts from the book's introduction summarize Squier's accounts. "At that time a...

A Prehistory of South America: Ancient Cultural Diversity on the Least Known Continent (2014)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Jerry Moore.

A Prehistory of South America is an overview of the ancient and historic native cultures of the entire continent of South America based on the most recent archaeological investigations. This accessible, clearly written text is designed to engage undergraduate and beginning graduate students in anthropology. For more than 12,000 years, South American cultures ranged from mobile hunters and gatherers to rulers and residents of colossal cities. In the process, native South American societies...

Raw Data for Soils Collected on the Pampa de Chaparri on the North Coast of Peru (2010)
DATASET Colleen Strawhacker.

These are the raw data for soils collected on the Pampa de Chaparri on the north coast of Peru for Strawhacker's dissertation research.

Sustaining Irrigation Agriculture for the Long-Term: Lessons on Maintaining Soil Quality from Ancient Agricultural Fields in the Phoenix Basin and on the North Coast of Peru (2013)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Colleen Strawhacker.

Irrigation agriculture has been heralded as the solution to feeding the world’s growing population. To this end, irrigation agriculture is both extensifying and intensifying in arid regions across the world in an effort to create highly productive agricultural systems. Over one third of modern irrigated fields, however, show signs of serious soil degradation, including salinization and waterlogging, which threaten the productivity of these fields and the world’s food supply. Surprisingly, little...