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Aerial Remote Sensing Techniques in Archeology (1977)
DOCUMENT Full-Text James I. Ebert. Melvin L. Fowler. George J. Gumerman. Elmer Jr. Harp. Laurence D. Kruckman. Thomas R. Lyons. Allan D. Marmelstein. William Meyer. Gary W. North. Henry T. Svehlak. Louis James Tartaglia. John A. Ware. Robert K. Hitchcock.

Today the term remote sensing is generally understood as a technique for the acquisition of environmental data by means of non-contact instruments operating in various regions of the electromagnetic spectrum from air and space platforms. The resultant information may be in the form of a pictorial record or digitized data on tape. In a larger context, however, remote sensing can be considered as a discipline in and of itself with its own peculiar methods, objectives and goals. In this...

Ancient Vermont (1977)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Peter J. Reynolds. Anne Ross.

The authors of this paper were invited to attend a conference on 'Ancient Vermont' held at Castleton in Vermont in October 1977,and to examine and comment upon the 'evidence' for the extensive occupation of New England by Celts and others in the first or second millennium BC as propounded by Professor L. B. Fell of Harvard University. The 'evidence' consists broadly of supposed 'Ogam' and 'proto-Ogam' inscriptions on rocks and stones and megalithic stone structures, some of the structures...