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An Archaeological Survey of the Santa Cruz River Valley from the Headwaters to the Town of Tubac in Arizona (1941)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Edward Bridge Danson.

The Santa Cruz River is located in south-central Arizona in the Santa Cruz and Pima Counties. A short stretch of the rivers lies in northern Sonora and forms a big horseshoe bend as the river cuts across the foot of the Patagonia Mountains from the San Rafael Valley into the Santa Cruz Valley proper. In the San Rafael Valley, where the headwaters of the river are found, the Santa Cruz passes few towns or villages. The first one is Lochiel, a small cluster of houses on the International...

The Archaeology of Organ Pipe National Monument
PROJECT Uploaded by: Joshua Watts

WACC reports associated with survey and excavation projects at the Organ Pipe National Monument, Arizona.

Archeological Survey at Organ Pipe National Monument, Southwestern Arizona: 1989-1991 (1995)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Adrianne G. Rankin.

The Western Archeological and Conservation Center, National Park Service conducted archeological inventory surveys of selected portions of Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument in southwestern Arizona between 1989 and 1991. The section 110 planning surveys (ORPI 1989 D, 1990B and 1991A) were undertaken to locate, identify and evaluate the cultural resources of the monument. A total of 7,675 acres was surveyed and 188 field loci, representing 178 sites, were recorded. Five of these sites had been...

On the Frontier: A Trincheras-Hohokam Farmstead, Arivaca, Arizona (1992)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Stephanie M. Whittlesey. Richard Ciolek-Torrello.

This report presents the results of archaeological data recovery in a portion of a small Colonial period farmstead or hamlet, AZ DD:7:22 (ASM), located along the existing 100-foot-wide right-of-way (ROW) of Arivaca Road about 1 km east of the townsite of Arivaca. The site is projected to be impacted by planned road improvements by the Pima County Department of Transportation and Flood Control District, in cooperation with the Arizona Department of Transportation. Data recovery involved the...