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Australian Journal of Historical Archaeology Volume 02
PROJECT Uploaded by: Penny Crook

Archive of papers from Volume 2 of the Australian Journal of Historical Archaeology, published by the Australian Society for Historical Society (ASHA) in 1984.

Exploring the Archaeology of the Modern City project
PROJECT Historic Houses Trust. Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority. NSW Heritage Office . Heritage Victoria. City of Sydney. Godden Mackay Logan.

The ‘Exploring the Archaeology of the Modern City’ project (EAMC) was established in 2001 by Professor Tim Murray of the Archaeology Program of La Trobe University and Industry Partners, to analyse and interpret the large assemblages excavated from historical archaeological sites which are held in storehouses across Sydney. Funding for the project was provided by the Australian Research Council through its Linkage Scheme. The project gave to the analysis of ten discreet household assemblages...

Innovation in the Manufacture of Salt in Eastern Australia: The 'Thorn Graduation' Process (1984)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Brian Rogers.

Salt production in nineteenth-century Australia was often based on the evaporation of sea-water by boiling. This required large quantities of fuel because of the low salt-content of sea-water, and there were obvious advantages in pre-concentrating the brine before boiling. Although solar evaporation was a well-established way of doing this, a handful of Australian manufacturers attempted to use the 'thorn graduation' process, in which water was evaporated from the brine by trickling it through...

People+Place: A guide to using the database (2006)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Penny Crook. Laila Ellmoos. Tim Murray.

This is the guide to the People+Place historical occupancy database developed by the EAMC team and released in 2006.