Moapa Paiute (Culture Keyword)

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A Class I Cultural Resources Survey of the Moapa and Virgin Valleys, Clark County, Nevada (1996)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Joseph A. Ezzo.

This document constitutes a Class I cultural resources survey of lands situated adjacent to the Overton Arm of Lake Mead and the Muddy and Virgin Rivers in Clark County, Nevada. Reclamation Instructions 376.11 require that Reclamation maintain a record of cultural resources on lands that it owns, acquires, or withdraws from public use. A Class I cultural resources survey, which is primarily a literature and records search, is the first step in this process. A Class I cultural resources survey...

A Class III Cultural Resource Survey of Approximately 51.5 Acres to Aid in the Consideration of Establishing the Arizona Peace Trail State Park in Bouse, La Paz County, Arizona (2018)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Will Russell.

Arizona State Parks & Trails (ASPT) is considering the procurement of approximately 51.5 ac in the town of Bouse, Arizona. The property is privately owned at this time. If the property is acquired by ASPT, it will be developed into the Arizona Peace Trail State Park. Funding to date has derived from ASPT. Details regarding future funding, permitting, and development are currently unavailable. No archaeological sites were encountered. Four IOs -one feature and three artifacts- were recorded....