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Celtic Gold (1986)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Peter J. Reynolds.

The conventional view of the lron Age is that it was a subsistence society, eking out a basic existence until the arrival of civilising Romans. As Dr Peter Reynolds of the Butser Ancient Farm reveals, nothing could be further from the truth. Britain was the bread basket of Western Europe and a major supplier of grain to the Roman Empire.

Data on professional diversity in ancient Roman cities (2017)
DATASET John Hanson.

Data on professional diversity in Roman cities of the Imperial period analyzed in Hanson, et al. "Settlement Scaling and the Division of Labor in the Roman Empire," Journal of the Royal Society Interface.

Population, area, and infrastructural measures for Roman cities of the Imperial period (2019)
DATASET John Hanson. Scott Ortman.

Data analyzed in: Hanson, John W., Scott G. Ortman, Luis M. A. Bettencourt, and Liam C. Mazur (2019). Urban form, infrastructure, and spatial organization in the Roman Empire. Antiquity 93(368).

Settlement data from the 1960-1975 Basin of Mexico Surveys (2014)
DATASET Scott Ortman.

Data analyzed in Ortman, S. G., A. H. F. Cabaniss, J. Sturm, and L. M. A. Bettencourt, The Pre-History of Urban Scaling, PLOS ONE (Feb. 2014).

Settlement Scaling and Increasing Returns in an Ancient Society (2015)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Scott Ortman.

Main text and SI of published paper in PDF format. The SI includes a series of datasets derived from the Basin of Mexico surveys that are analyzed in the main text.

Social Reactors Project datasets
PROJECT Uploaded by: Scott Ortman

Datasets from various publications of the Social Reactors Project