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Appendix - 'Nueva Cadiz' in the Americas (2021)
DATASET Heather Walder.

Dataset for an article published in BEADS The Journal of the Society of Beads Researchers

Callar Creek Quarry, Belize Lithic Dataset (2015)
DATASET Rachel Horowitz.

Lithic Analysis from Callar Creek Quarry

City Size Data for Postclassic Mesoamerica (2017)
DATASET Michael Smith.

Total site areas, epicenter areas, and population estimates for Postclassic Mesoamerican cities, presented in various publications by Michael E. Smith and others.

Raw Artifact & Chemical Data - Community Identity and Social Practice during the Terminal Classic Period at Actuncan, Belize (2015)
DATASET Kara Fulton.

Raw Artifact & Chemical Data

Structure 20 and 9 chert data from Corozal Postclassic Project 1978 and 1979 excavations of Nohmul, Belize (2019)
DATASET Adrian Chase. Jonathan Paige.

"Stone tools and debitage recovered from Terminal Classic Period contexts at the site Nohmul, Belize were collected in 1978 and 1979 as part of a dissertation project. Our analysis of this Nohmul chert assemblage has found evidence for local reduction of cobbles and core maintenance, as well as the production and maintenance of tools. Nohmul is situated roughly 30 kilometers from the Northern Belize Chert Bearing Zone, and the site of Colha, Belize – the argued center of lithic production in the...