North Dakota (State / Territory) (Geographic Keyword)

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21PL72 and 21PL74 Database (2005)
DATASET Katherine Shillinglaw.

Database for 21PL72 and 21PL74.

Archaeology Jobs USA 1999-2012 (2012)
DATASET Doug Rocks-Macqueen.

This spreadsheet contains archaeology jobs data in the US from 1999-2012. The data was collected from the websites (1999-2012) and (2011-2012). See additional document in this project for a greater detail about this data and methods used to collect it.

Faunal Catalogue 21PL72-74 (2005)
DATASET Katherine Shillinglaw.

Faunal cataloged for excavations at 21PL72 and 21PL74.

Federal Archeology Program Quantitiative Data by Year: 1985-2009 (2011)
DATASET karen mudar.

This spreadsheet documents the archeological activities reported by Federal agencies from the years 1985 to 2009. Activities reported include the number of project background reviews conducted, the number of field studies to identify and evaluate sites conducted, and the number of data recovery/excavation projects conducted. Also reported are data about the extent of looting or vandalism of archeological sites on land managed by Federal agencies and information about looters apprehended and...

Settlement areas and house areas from the Central Mesa Verde and Middle Missouri regions (2017)
DATASET Scott Ortman. Grant Coffey.

Data files containing information on house counts, house areas, and settlement areas analyzed in Ortman and Coffey (2017): Settlement Scaling in Middle Range Societies. American Antiquity 82(4).