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Application for Ithaca Pottery Site to the National Register for Historic Places
DOCUMENT Full-Text Uploaded by: Sophia Kelly

These documents include correspondence between Carol Bliss and the Division for Historic Preservation regarding the eligibility for the Ithaca Pottery to be added to the National Register for Historic Places.

Ithaca Pottery Excavation Ceramic Analysis Forms
DOCUMENT Full-Text Carol Griggs.

These analysis forms record the number and type of sherds excavated from the Ithaca Pottery.

Ithaca Pottery Excavation Notebooks
DOCUMENT Full-Text Carol Griggs.

These documents represent notes written by Carol Bliss over the course of the Ithaca Pottery excavation (1976-1977). A color and black and white version of the same file are uploaded to enable optimal viewing.

Photographs of Ceramics Excavated from the Ithaca Pottery
IMAGE Sophia Kelly. M Scott Thompson.

These photographs document interesting samples in the extant Ithaca Pottery Excavation collections. The photographs were taken in July 2011.

Photographs of Partial Vessels from the Ithaca Pottery Excavation (1976)
IMAGE Carol Griggs.

These photographs were taken by Carol Bliss in the aftermath of the Ithaca Pottery excavations.

Photographs of the Ithaca Pottery Excavation (1976)
IMAGE Carol Griggs.

These photographs document the Ithaca Pottery excavations.

The Potter's Mark: Redwares and Stonewares Recovered in Excavation of the Duncan-Bower House in the Hamlet of Enfield Falls, New York (2003)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Sophia Kelly.

Undergraduate thesis, Department of Anthropology, Cornell University, 2003. This thesis details the analysis of redware and stoneware pottery excavated from the Duncan-Bower House in Enfield Falls, New York. The thesis provides a history of redware and stoneware production in New York state. It also discusses the Ithaca Pottery, which was founded by Elijah Cornell (son of Ezra Cornell) in 1841. Finally, the document provides a brief economic history of Ithaca and its surrounding environs during...