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Cosmology in the New World
PROJECT Santa Fe Institute.

This project consists of articles written by members of Santa Fe Institute’s cosmology research group. Overall, the goal of this group is to understand the larger relationships between cosmology and society through a theoretically open-ended, comparative examination of the ancient American Southwest, Southeast, and Mesoamerica.

Key to Valley of Mexico Survey Site Data (1977)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Jeffrey Parsons.

These sheets contain explanations to the column headings for the Valley of Mexico Archaeological Survey Data.

Mexico Ceramics and Clay: Compositional and Descriptive Data (2014)
DATASET Matthew Boulanger. Lawrence Berkeley National Labratory.

This spreadsheet contains elemental abundances, descriptions, and archaeological contexts for 88 ceramic and clay specimens from Mexico analyzed by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL). Elemental abundances were determined using neutron activation analysis, and all other values are in parts per million (ppm). Zero (0) values indicate missing values. Data are transcribed directly from computer printouts in the LBNL archives and spot checked for accuracy. All descriptive and contextual...

Neutron Activation Analysis of Ceramics from Mexico
PROJECT Uploaded by: Matthew Boulanger

This project contains data on 45 ceramic specimens from Cerro Portezuelo, Mexico, and 6 clay specimens from the surrounding region. These data were produced at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in the mid 1970s. The specimens were analyzed as part of Barbara Branstetter-Hardesty's Ph.D. dissertation work at the University of California, Los Angeles. Additional information regarding these specimens may be found in her dissertation: Branstetter-Hardesty, B. (1978) Ceramics of Cerro...

An Outline of the Ceramics of Teotihuacan, Mexico (2006)
DOCUMENT Full-Text George Cowgill.

This is an article- or manuscript-length description of the ceramics of Teotihucan, Mexico. It covers ceramic wares, decorative methods and motifs, and appendages, with a review of the Basin of Mexico sequence.

The Storm God, Feathered Serpents, and Possible Rulers at Teotihuacan (2007)
DOCUMENT Full-Text George Cowgill.

In this paper, George Cowgill focuses on how Mesoamericans used worldviews and ideologies in sociopolitical ways. More specifically, Cowgill argues that specific sociopolitical ideologies arise when there is a shared worldview.

Teotihuacan Ceramics ms. (1969)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Rene Millon. James Bennyhoff.

This unpublished manuscript describes many Teotihuacan ceramic wares and includes hand-drawn illustrations.

Teotihuacan Mapping Project (TMP)
PROJECT Uploaded by: Hannah Reitzel Rivera

This project contains metadata for the Teotihuacan Mapping Project

TMP-1-2-2: Electronic Files from the Teotihuacan Mapping Project (2012)
DOCUMENT Full-Text George Cowgill. Ian G. Robertson. Rebecca S. Sload.

This is an incomplete work in progress, written by Cowgill at various times in 2003 and 2004, with minor edits since then. It is a volume in the Urbanization at Teotihuacan series, edited by Rene Millon. This volume aggregates information about the Teotihuacan Mapping Project, including background, methods, and the types and locations of relevant files. It is complementary to a set of Access files recording tract-by-tract data.

Valley of Mexico Archaeological Survey Data (1983)
DATASET Uploaded by: Michelle Elliott

This is the data that will be of interest to most people. It contains the data on 2053 archaeological sites. The key to the data is available in resource 2 (Key to Valley of Mexico Survey Site Data).

Valley of Mexico Archaeological Survey Project
PROJECT Jeffrey Parsons.

Here are the Valley of Mexico survey data collected by University of Michigan projects directed by Jeffrey R. Parsons between 1967 and 1973, and by Richard E. Blanton in 1969. These descriptive data were originally published in 1983 as Archaeological Settlement Pattern Data from the Chalco, Xochimilco, Ixtapalapa, Texcoco, and Zumpango Regions, Mexico, University of Michigan Museum of Anthropology, Technical Reports No. 14, by J. R. Parsons, K. W. Kintigh, and S. A. Gregg. Associated resources...