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Archaeological Investigations at the Narbonne House Salem Maritime National Historic Site, Massachusetts (1982)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Geoffrey P. Moran. Edward F. Zimmer. Anne E. Yentsch.

The Narbonne house was built c. 1670 in Salem, Massachusetts, and is now part of the Salem Maritime National Historic Site. It was the home of tradesmen and artisans, and is valued as a rare surviving example of 17th century vernacular architecture. Excavations began in 1973 as part of the National Park Service program to rehabilitate the structure. Three field seasons included the excavation of numerous features, the most important being a first period lean-to foundation, cobblestone driveway 1...

Archaeological Overview and Assessment of the Salem Maritime National Historic Site, Salem, Massachusetts (2005)
DOCUMENT Full-Text J. N. Leith Smith. Jack Gary. Gregory Dubell. George Schwartz. Starla Lane.

The Salem Maritime National Historical Site was created in 1937 to commemorate the maritime history of the early American nation. Salem played a primary role in the American international maritime trade from the colonial period to the mid nineteenth century, and it is this legacy that the park seeks to interpret and preserve. The site today encompasses nearly nine acres bordering on the Salem waterfront that contain a variety of historic structures, including seventeenth- through...

The Archaeology of Salem Maritime National Historic Site
PROJECT Uploaded by: Joshua Watts

Documents associated with archaeological collections research and field work at the Salem Maritime National Historic Site.