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Additional Cultural Resources Survey for the SRP Pinal West to Pinal Central Transmission Line, Pinal County, Arizona: Ritchie Brothers Access Road Easement (2012)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Connie A. Darby.

This report presents the results of an additional Class III cultural resources survey for the Pinal West to Pinal Central segment of the larger Pinal West to Southeast Valley/Browning Extra-High Voltage Transmission Line project. The surveyed property consists of a 4.4-acre easement across privately owned land located southeast of Casa Grande, Arizona. The work was requested by Salt River Project Agricultural Improvement and Power District (SRP) prior to development/use of the easement as an...

An Archaeological Survey in the Gila River Basin, New River and Phoenix City Streams, Arizona Project Area (1976)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Alfred E. Dittert, Jr.. Patricia E. Brown. Donald E. Dove. Polly W. Good. James B. Rodgers. Raymond Treat. Donald E. Weaver, Jr..

Present archaeological investigations in the district to the north, northwest, and west of Phoenix, Arizona, are a part of the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers planning studies for flood control developments on Cave Creek, Skunk Creek, New River, and Agua Fria River. A specific goal set forth is an inventory of archaeological resources within the proposed project as defined in the scope of work dated 27 June 1973. Once identified, an assessment of the importance of the remains to an interpretation...

An Archaeological Survey in the Gila River Basin, New River and Phoenix City Streams, Arizona Project Area: Appendix I, Estimated Time and Costs for Archaeological Studies (2016)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Alfred E. Dittert, Jr..

The following statements are cost estimates for recommended archaeological investigations to mitigate the impact of construction on cultural resources in the several proposed units of the Gila River Basin, New River and Phoenix City Streams, Arizona, Project. Cost estimates have been derived from research recommendations only; minor changes can be expected when research designs are set forth for the units that are selected for construction. Also, the costs are based on wages, prices of supplies,...

The Hohokam, Sinagua and the Hakataya (1960)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Albert H. Schroeder.

The Museum of Northern Arizona has spent a number of years sponsoring archaeological investigations which have led to defining the Sinagua culture in the neighborhood of the San Francisco Mountain area of northern Arizona. The Gila Pueblo Archaeological Foundation has devoted considerable research to the definition of the Hohokam in southern Arizona. Dr. Colton, in his various publications on the Sinagua, also demonstrated that the Hohokam up to about 1125 A.D. and the Sinagua from 1125 to...

Small Sites on the Santa Cruz Flats: The Results of the Investigations Along the Santa Rosa Canal in the Distribution Division of the Central Arizona Project (1993)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Uploaded by: Lauren Jelinek

This report is about 58 archaeological sites located in and around an expansive desert basin known as the Santa Cruz Flats, located south of the Gila River. None of these sites are large. The biggest among them had only three, widely separated houses. Most of them had no houses, and the majority lacked material remains except for a mere scattering of artifacts now perched on the modern ground surface. Several of the sites included occupations dated to the modern, Historic, Euro-American era,...