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Rocky River Basin (Geographic Keyword)

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Archaeological Reconnaissance Survey of a Proposed Barrow Area, Union County, North Carolina (1987)

DOCUMENT [ID: 197572] J. Alan May.

Description not available

Archaeological Study, Bridge No. 267 On Sr 1621 Over Rocky River, Anson-Stanly Counties, Project No. B-1023 (1986)

DOCUMENT [ID: 197393] Thomas J. Padgett.

Description not available

Archaeological Survey and Assessment of the Harris-Asheboro 230 KV Transmission Line, Chatham and Randolph Counties, a Case Against Shovel Testing (1983)

DOCUMENT [ID: 197744] R. P. Stephen Davis, Jr.. H. Trawick Ward.

Description not available

Archaeological Survey of Bridge #288 On SR 1901 Over Lanes Creek, Union County B-1406 (1987)

DOCUMENT [ID: 197566] Loretta Lautzenheiser.

Description not available

Archeological Survey of Two Proposed Reservoir Areas, Rocky River Basin, North Carolina (1987)

DOCUMENT [ID: 198103] Lawrence E. Abbott, Jr.. Erica E. Sanborn. R. Jackson III Marshall. J. Ned Woodall. Michele N. Vacca. Elizabeth Dull.

Description not available

Assessment of Potential Cultural Resource Impacts Due To Proposed Water Resource Measures in Cabarrus County, NC (1979)

DOCUMENT [ID: 197648] Mark A. Mathis.

Description not available

Cultural Resources Reconnaissance Rocky River Sewer Interceptor, Selected Portion, Cabarrus County, North Carolina (1984)

DOCUMENT [ID: 198159] Fred W. Fischer.

Description not available

Cultural Resources Reconnaissance, Harrisburg Back Creek / Rocky River Interceptor, Cabarrus County, North Carolina (1984)

DOCUMENT [ID: 197857] Fred W. Fischer. Dianne K. Fischer.

Description not available

Historical Sketch of the Robinson Stone House, Mecklenburg County, N.C (1981)

DOCUMENT [ID: 197488] William H. Huffman.

Description not available

Preliminary Report, Archaeological Investigations at the Robinson Stone House, Mecklenburg County (1982)

DOCUMENT [ID: 197487] Janet E. Levy.

Description not available

Report On the Cultural Resource Reconnaissance for Harris Boulevard, from I-77 at Sr 2113 To Sr 2467, Mecklenburg County, Project No. 8.2724501, U-609, Ch 79-1284 (1980)

DOCUMENT [ID: 197808] John C. Baroody.

Description not available

Robison Stone House Ruins (1981)

DOCUMENT [ID: 197495] Jack O. Boyte.

Description not available

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