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Ritual Exchange and the Fourth Obligation (2010)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Chris Morehart. Noah Butler.

Employing Mauss’s notion of the fourth obligation, giving to the gods, this article develops a formulation of ritual exchange to examine the interactive nature of ritual practice. As a modality of interaction, ritual exchange is contingent upon enduring normative beliefs, such as perceived obligations to spiritual entities, and the social positions of ritual practitioners. Consequently, ritual exchange evinces not only the material and immaterial nature of sacred beliefs but also the...

Terrestrial Scanning at Pacbitun
PROJECT Terry Powis.

The majority of terrestrial scanning projects in archaeology have focused on heritage documentation, preservation, and the 3D reconstruction of prominent sites and objects. While these are very important archaeological foci, not many have used terrestrial scanning methods for prospection and feature analysis, similar to the way many have employed airborne LiDAR. While airborne LiDAR scanning is able to situate and analyze archaeological sites on an expansive scale, the ground-based method also...